Fake tanning goes organic with EcoTan

As I gear up for the Brownlow medal, I started looking for natural tanning products that will help me achieve that natural summer glow at the end of a grey autumn stay in Melbourne. I started doing some digging and at last I have come across a tanning product that is 100% natural and chemical free… FINALLY! The product I am referring to is called EcoTan. I contacted the team at EcoTan and founder and business owner, Sonya Driver kindly sat down to fill us in on why this product is so amazing.

Long-haul Flights and Food Prep – My Tips & Tricks

Natural Ways To Beat Jetlag - An Apple a Day

Yesterday my fiancee and I embarked on a long haul flight to Canada. It was a lengthy process, especially with a 6 hour delay connecting us from LA to Calgary, so I knew we needed to be prepared on the food front. We love to eat delicious, nourishing foods and when we fly there is no exception. After posting a quick snapshot of the food I had packed (that was after Andrew got stuck into it at breakfast), a number of followers on both Facebook and Instagram were surprised at the food I had packed and had loads of questions. I realised there were a number of followers out there who had no idea you could take your own food on the plane, let alone where to start, so I decided to share all I know all my tips and tricks to have you feeling 100% whilst you are flying.