5 Fertility Tips from Jess at Nuwa Natural Health Posted on March 10, 2017

Yesterday I spoke about the gorgeous Jess from Nuwa Natural Health regarding fertility, babies, pregnancy and post-natal care. The interview was lengthy, but she has so many incredible insights into this topic, that my questions kept on rolling. You can read this interview here. After our lengthy chat, I asked Jess what her top tips for natural fertility were, of which she answered below!

#1 Stress & Mental Health 

The number one problem facing all women (& men) of today. Whilst we’re capable of recognising stress associated with our workload, many of us ignore the stress placed upon our bodies as a result of poor food choices, exercise (too little or too much), relationships, screen time and more. Reigning in our stress and dedicating time to positive mental health is the first step to a healthy baby.

#2 Nutritional Intake 

Instead of just eating “healthy” we need to consider the food’s nutritional value and life-force. I often steer clients away from food that has been pre-prepared or packaged. We need food that is not only fresh, but cooked according to our constitution. You know what they say, we’re not what we eat, but what we absorb.

#3 Filtered Water 

Drinking water is one thing, but ensuring that it is filtered from all the additives and chemicals they add in, is incredibly important. I often recommend client’s purchase a quality water filter as part of pre-conception care however, this is incredibly important throughout all life stages.

#4 Don’t Read Advice Forums

There is so much information out there regarding fertility and IVF procedures, some of which is valid and some of which I cringe at the sight of. Everyone’s journey is different and please seek the advice of a professional before trying any advice you found online.

#5 Exercise In Moderation 

I often see many women over-doing it on the exercise front. Swap those daily HIIT sessions for mind, body exercise like that of yoga, it stretches the meridians of the reproductive region and sends blood flow to the area.

#6 Build A Rapport with A Good Doctor 

If you’re having trouble with falling pregnant, build a rapport with a good doctor, one who is open to alternative therapies and is open to ordering tests like that of a hormone profile, AMH or sperm check. Share these results with your natural health practitioner so everyone is on the same page.

And there you have it. For a more in depth discussion, please jump over to our full fertility interview found here. If you’d like to read more about Jess and her team at Nuwa Natural Health, you can find them here:


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