Goal Setting – Developing a plan of attack

Goal Setting - An Apple a DayJust wanting something isn’t enough to make it happen. Think back to your goals of last year, even if you had written out, how many of them did you actually achieve?

Having acknowledged your goals for this year (for those of you still contemplating the idea, what have you got to lose?), it is time to develop a plan of attack. Before you sigh, and scroll down the page, I urge you not to loose momentum here, a goal without a plan is merely a dream or a wish. Lets turn 2015 into your best year yet. If you can achieve those dreams or wishes that have lingered over the years just gone, imagine what 2016 will hold.

Ask yourself the following questions for each and every goal you listed. It may alter the goal a little, this is great and all part of the road to success. Think of your goals as specific, measurable, attainable and time bound.

Q1. Why do you want it? Get personal here, really get into your values and listen to your thought process carefully

Q2. When do you want it? Be precise and set a specific time frame to achieve your goals

Q3. How will you get it? Set down at least 5 smaller specific steps, these are the strategies and tasks

Q4. Who will help you get there? Who can support, motivate you, give you feedback?

Q5. Where will you do it from? Find a place to inspire you, a supportive positive environment

Q6. Where is it taking you? Always fit your goals into a long term vision

If you have split your goals into various categories, you might like to set up a spreadsheet. List your goals in the first column, followed by Why, When, How, Who, Where in the following columns. During this process, you may discover that some of your goals will tie together, this is great and will offer further momentum to strive towards your full potential.

Stick with me here. It may seem time consuming and a little ‘airy fairy’ at first, but you are setting yourself up for the most productive and rewarding year ahead. Before that voice pops up and gives the age old excuse, “I don’t have time”, pick up a pen and get to it. Instead of watching TV tonight, make some time for yourself. A little effort now will go a long way, I PROMISE 😉 Click here for the final step – How to Create a Vision Board.



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