My Christmas Gift List Posted on 19/12/2020

Christmas Gift - An Apple A Day

The votes are in and an overwhelming number of you have asked for it: My Christmas Gift List. 

I hope these sustainable and health conscious options help make the last minute dash easier 🙂 

    1. SODA STREAM – If you know someone who hasn’t had the luxury of having sparkling water on demand, then this is the perfect gift! Not only is it incredibly convenient and cost effective over the long term, you can kiss those pesky plastic bottles good-bye.  

    2. SHOWER FIlTER – A gift for the whole family! Reduce your exposure to chlorine – a known neurotoxin – using this at home shower filter. It fits any shower head and can be taken with you if you move. We absolutely love ours and would highly recommend. See my favourite here

    3. STORYWORTH SUBSCRIPTION – One of my favourite gifts. Each week, Storyworth email your gift recipient a question about their life so far i.e. Were you named after anyone? What was your favourite game to play as a child? Each week, your recipient responds. At the end of the year, all of replies are compiled into one hard-copy printed book for generations to come. I’ve learnt so much about loved ones through this process and would highly recommend.  Learn more about Storyworth here

    4. THERE’S A ZOO IN MY POO – A gift for the kids, educating them about the importance of their microbiome. I love this book and use it often in clinic for my smaller patients. It’s never to early to start learning! 

    5. CHEESE PLATTER – Well, not a cheese platter per se, but the tools required to build the ultimate cheese platter whilst entertaining. I recommend a large board (I got mine from Wheel & Barrow) alongside a cheese knife set and some small white bowls for decorating. If you’d like to know more about how to build a cheese board, you can view my guide here

    6. PORTABLE PICNIC TABLE (with wine holders) – My husband laughed when I got him one of these last year and now we use it ALL. THE. TIME. It’s a great table to take to the park or the beach with room for a small cheese platter. The wine holders are a welcome addition as they prevent anything from spilling when you’re on an uneven surface. Sip ‘n’ Graze have a great range

    7. WATER FILTER  – A gift for the whole family’s health and wellbeing! From a stand alone jug, or a table-top filter, I’ve listed my favourites here.

    8.  AYU FRAGRANCE – Ditch the synthetic fragrances and their hormone disrupting chemicals! Switch to a natural option – Ayu is my favourite. You can pick this up from Prae Store

    9. ’10 FREE’ NAIL POLISH – Ten-free means they’re free from all of the ten main toxic ingredients found in most nail polishes on the market. These chemicals pose a major threat to hormone health and ones we should be avoiding. You can find my favourites here.

    10. PLASTIC FREE RAZOR – Ditch the plastic razors for life! These gorgeous rose gold razors are designed to last a life-time, with interchangeable blades. They’re very popular, but I’ve listed a favourite here

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