Nutrition Consultation Terms of Service

Hello there!

Thank you for considering booking a Nutrition Consultation with me. Booking this consultation is subject to the following Terms of Service. Please read them carefully. If you have any questions at all, please email me:

This consultation is offered in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.


ABN 96 658 033 953.


All Nutrition Consultations are run using Zoom and are subject to these Terms of Service. The Zoom link and password is provided in your confirmation of booking email. This will be sent to the address you have nominated when completing the booking form. Please add it to your calendar or save it for easy reference. If you can’t find the link or password before the consultation is due to start, please email me at


The fee for this consultation is listed on my website & on my booking page. My fee will be invoiced following our session via a direct invoice emailed to your nominated email account. Payment is due within 2 days of the date of the invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: Script and treatment notes from our appointment will not be emailed until your payment has been settled. My preferred payment method is by direct deposit or EFT (electronic funds transfer) to the account nominated on the tax invoice. Please use your surname and invoice number as the reference when making a deposit. Alternative methods of payment include use of credit card using PayPal. Should your health fund offer rebates for Nutrition consultations, your invoice will have all the relevant information required to make a claim. Simply hit the “Print” button on the invoice and save to your device for easy access. If you have any issues in claiming from your respective health fund, please email to discuss.


If I have not received payment after 4 days from the date of the invoice, I will send you a reminder. I will continue to send bi-weekly reminders until payment is received. After the second reminder, an administrative fee of $30.00 will be added to the total amount due for EVERY reminder sent where I have not received a payment. You agree that it is reasonable for this administrative fee to accrue where I must follow up on payments that are 7 days or more overdue.


You may reschedule or cancel your consultation up to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time at no cost. If you are looking to reschedule the consultation within 48 hours of the appointment start-time, please email us at to discuss.


In a bid to manage both Alyse’s time and that of those waiting for an appointment, we send multiple reminders in a bid to avoid appointment no shows. The reminders are sent to the same email nominated to receive your booking confirmation. Should you not receive a booking confirmation or appointment reminders, it is your sole responsibility to address this by contacting prior to your appointment. Alyse will send a further appointment reminder via email and text to the address and phone number listed in your booking form if you’re a few minutes late. Should we not hear from you, all appointment no-shows will be invoiced a fee that reflects 50% of the original appointment fee. This is due within 7 business days. Late fees apply as per the above.


You are free to make cancellations up to 48hrs before your appointment start time at no cost. Should you wish to cancel your appointment within 48hrs of your appointment start time, you will be billed 50% of the appointment fee to cover our administration costs and loss of income. As such, you are encouraged to consider carefully whether a booking is right for you before you book your appointment.


To ensure consultations are conducted in a professional manner, you acknowledge that the service provided, are provided on the basis of the accuracy and completeness of the information that you provide, following Alyse’s evaluation of that information. You further acknowledge that your failure to provide accurate or complete information may adversely affect the quality, efficacy or suitability of these services. As such, you warrant the truth, accuracy, currency and completeness of any information you provide Alyse both prior to and during your consultation times. The advice provided in these consultations is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your doctor. You should always speak with your doctor before adopting any treatment for a health problem or before implementing any of the information provided to you via the consultation. If at any time you notice any unanticipated changes to your health (physical, mental or emotional), you should seek medical attention immediately.


To protect our patients’ privacy, we encrypt or otherwise secure your personal health information when it is stored on our computers. However, should you choose to communicate with me us via email, it is a fact of modern life that such transmissions are often not secure, and documents may be intercepted, copied, recorded, read or interfered with by unauthorised third parties while in transit. Before accepting the terms, I encourage you to consider the following:

•Email messages sent or received by An Apple a Day Nutrition are not encrypted and may not be secure.
•Third parties may be able to intercept, read, alter, forward or use personal health information transmitted by email, without authorisation or detection by you or An Apple a Day Nutrition
•An unsecured email message may be accidentally forwarded to unintended recipients. 
•Employers and internet service providers generally have the right to inspect or review any email message transmitted or received using their systems.
•Information share by email may be printed, copied, and stored by any recipient in multiple locations.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to receive email communication from An Apple a Day Nutrition and therefore An Apple a Day Nutrition is not responsible for any unauthorised access to or use of your personal health information that results from any unencrypted transmission that takes place. By proceeding with this booking, you agree that you have read and agree to be contractually bound by these Terms of Service, in consideration for our exchange of time. Please email me before completing your booking if you have any questions or concerns.


If you are prescribed supplementation as part of your consultation, you will be sent an email from requesting you to set up an account. Once set-up is complete, you will find the supplement recommendations waiting for you in your cart. Before purchasing, please read your treatment notes first, ensuring your medications (if any) are listed on your notes and you understand the recommendations being made and you are comfortable to proceed. Whilst I think is a wonderful service, I do not explicitly endorse any services or products they offer for sale. While I believe them to be reputable businesses, any relationship you enter into with them is at your own risk, and I am not a party to the transaction in any way. You can view privacy policy here:

Supplementation often prescribed within your consultation is not without risk. In the rare case that you do suffer an adverse reaction, you need to stop taking the supplement and notify Alyse immediately. In case of emergency, please contact your local emergencies services. If during a consultation, you are prescribed formulas to assist you in managing your presenting symptoms, the dose and timing of these formulas are designed to stay within the safety parameters set by the therapeutic guidelines set by regulatory bodies. DO NOT self prescribe. If you have any doubts or questions regarding your script, please do not hesitate to reach out by sending me an email to the address that sent your patient notes.


If at any stage throughout our work together, you have a change in health status or goals i.e. actively trying to conceive, pregnancy, miscarriage or a change in medication as prescribed by your doctor or specialist, it is your sole responsibility to notify Alyse immediately. This change in health status may change your script to ensure there are no adverse outcomes.


During our work together, we may touch on difficult times in your life in a bid to ascertain whether these may or may not have been linked to the onset of your symptoms. If you do not wish to discuss these in detail, please make this clear to Alyse during the appointment time. Whilst we aim to take the utmost care during the appointment, if discussing these events challenges your mental health once the appointment has concluded, I recommend speaking with a qualified mental health professional OR the team at Beyond Blue (https:// on 1300 22 4636.


Information provided to you within consultation (including PDF handouts) remains the property of An Apple a Day Nutrition. Sharing or repurposing information or PDF handouts provided during consultation is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to share blog posts or other publicly available content through social media, provided you link back to my website or social media pages. You may link to my website home page, provided you do so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage my reputation. All links should clearly establish that there is no form of association, approval or endorsement on my part where none exists. 


My main place of business is in Queensland, Australia. This agreement is subject to the governing law of Queensland.


If you feel as though there is a problem with the service provided, please let me know before the end of the session or alternatively within 7 days of the appointment’s conclusion. I am very keen to understand what has made you unhappy so that we can move forward and try to find a mutually acceptable solution together.


We both agree that should we become involved in a dispute we will not engage in any public discussion about the issues, we will behave politely towards each other, and we will each act in good faith to refrain from any conduct or communication which might reasonably be expected to interfere with each other’s business or personal interests.


By proceeding with this booking, you agree that you have read and agree to be contractually bound by these Terms of Service. Please email me before completing your booking if you have any questions or concerns.