Organic Chicken in Perth… Woah my Goodness!

Whilst I always love visiting Perth (seriously, there is no place like home), I’ll admit that I almost fell over when I saw the price of an organic chook. I know freight is expensive, but I can’t justify paying $49 for a whole chook vs. the $25 I pay for at home for the same brand… eek!

As a result, I’ve spent some time sourcing additional suppliers for my WA clients and I am so pleased to introduce you to Southampton Homestead and Farm.

Why I recommend them: 

  • They are WA’s only pasture raised chickens.
  • Their chickens (and ducks) graze in mobile shelters on a variety of annual grasses on input-free paddocks. Their grounds are free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.
  • The grasses found in their pastures include Chicory, Plantain, Fescue, Phaleris, Cocksfoot, perennial Rye, Clover, and Lucerne.
  • They are supplemented with feed however this feed contains no antibiotics, no hormones, no soy and is GMO-FREE.
  • They also sell Chicken Livers (for nutrient rich chicken liver pate), Chicken feet and Chicken frames (perfect for chicken bone broth). Yay for sustainability!!
  • They have buying clubs that deliver to Secret Harbour, Donnybrook, Bunbury and Dunsborough for all those south of the river and Wembley, for those North.
  • They stock at a number of stores and offer home delivery to some areas.
  • They are incredibly competitive: I sourced a whole 1.8kg chook for around $25 (think the size of 2 x roast chickens from supermarket). I roasted it with lemons for dinner and I can honestly say that it tasted AMAZING. My parents couldn’t believe how delicious it was, they’ve just placed their own order for next week.
  • Did I mention that it tasted AMAZING?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I realise this isn’t an organic chicken, but for WA consumers this is a great alternative; especially those who can’t afford to re-mortgage their house every time they want to put a roast chook on the table (haha OK, I’m being a little extreme, but still… $49!). I’ll be making sure my parents are stocked up next time I’m back in town 🙂

For more information, check out their website here:

For all of those wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I love to make sure that everyone has access to the best produce where possible. I popped it on the blog to ensure it remains available to everyone 🙂

If anyone has any other produces they would like to recommend, please pop them in the comments below. x


  1. Amy Baxter

    Thanks Alyse! I look forward to more for Perth – you are doing the rigorous research I’d love to do but don’t have time to!

  2. Alyse Co-cliff

    I would love to spend more time back home, maybe this will be my excuse 🙂

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