Para’Kito Review – A Natural Mosquito Repellent that Doesn’t Touch Your Skin Posted on February 10, 2017

Parakito Review - An Apple a Day

Before I dive in, if you haven’t already read ‘Is Mosquito Repellent Safe?’, I highly recommend you do that first. Don’t worry, I’ll wait here 😉

If you have read it, you’ll know that yesterday I was talking all about the micro-encapsulation of essential oils to boost our natural protection time (did I mention, you’ll need to read that piece first? ;)). Well let me introduce you to Parakito.

Parakito have designed refillable wristbands and clips, which encapsulate those essential oils the mosquitos can’t stand (Citronella, Rosemary, Geranium, Mint, Clove oil & Peppermint oil) into a tiny gel ‘pellet’. The pellet slowly diffuses the above oils into the surrounding atmosphere, in a bid to deter those pesky mosquitos and create natural mosquito protection.


Simply insert a replaceable pellet into the band (absolutely no direct contact with skin required) and pop the band either on your wrist and/or ankle to stay protected for 15 consecutive days. Each wristband or clip includes two pellets (equal to 30 days of protection).

NOTE: Excuse the size of this video, I can’t crop it down! *sigh*

How to Use Parakito from Alyse Cocliff on Vimeo.


I purchased two Parakito wristbands (one each) for our trip to South Africa and we loved them! We had absolutely no problems with mosquitos whatsoever (even on safari). Our driver was also impressed, asking us where he could source some of his own 🙂

Before purchasing, I did notice that some people have complained about the smell. Hand on my heart, I loved the smell and after the first few hours, barely noticed it. In no way did it offend any one in close proximity to us, so I’m not sure if they’ve changed the formula (??) but we had no problems on the nose, whatsoever 😉


  • DEET and chemical free
  • Easily worn on the ankle, wrist or kept nearby for protection.
  • So many colours to choose from (it’s a girl thing), even smaller sizes for children.
  • It’s suitable for all day wear, all zones and all climates
  • No re-application of repellent required, given each capsule lasts 15 days.
  • Light-weight and PERFECT for travelling.
  • Safe for the whole family, pregnant women and young children aged 3 years & over.
  • Recommended for those suffering from allergies and skin sensitivities as the pellet makes no contact with the skin.
  • Waterproof – can be worn whilst swimming and during water activities.


  • If you’re travelling into a mosquito prone area, I’d definitely pop one on both the ankle and the wrist for added protection.
  • The delivery fee, but I’ve got that sorted, see below 🙂


After falling in love with the product, I came back to Australia and contacted the team at Parakito. They loved the idea of me sharing my review online and as such, have offered all ‘An Apple a Day’ readers 20% off ALL orders until 28th February! All you have to do is jump on over to their website and enter the code APPLEADAY at the checkout! 

Have you tried Parakito? Do you love it?

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