5 Fertility Tips from Jess at Nuwa Natural Health

Jess - An Apple A Day

Yesterday I spoke about the gorgeous Jess from Nuwa Natural Health regarding fertility, babies, pregnancy and post-natal care. The interview was lengthy, but she has so many incredible insights into this topic, that my questions kept on rolling. You can read this interview here. After our lengthy chat, I asked Jess what her top tips […]

Natural Gifts for New Mum and Baby


I loving giving presents that are useful and in this case, non-toxic, so I sat down with all of the new mums in my life and asked them what were the best present they received as a first time mum was and why. If you’re ready to become the friend or family member of the year, this one’s for you.

Activating your pelvic floor muscle

pelvic floor muscle

We all know we should activate our pelvic floor muscle, but do you really know how or why this is so important? Today’s “Wellness Network” post by physiotherapist Liz Oppy, explains everything you need to know about pelvic floor, including how to activate this important muscle wherever you may be.