Barefoot Running: A Physiotherapist’s Perspective

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Before I delved into my Barefoot journey, I consulted a number of holistic health practitioners, athletes and trainers. These people understood far more than I did about our structure, biomechanics, training load and well, the human foot, so their professional opinion was something I wanted to consider. Fast forward to the present day, and the list of those I have consulted is huge (many of which agreed or were a little critical, but to this day, are amazed by my progress). To help you understand more about Barefoot Running and whether or not it’s something you would like to consider, I’ve hand picked 3 professionals to share their views on the Barefoot experience. Today, we hear from Indianna Franke, a Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor from The Living Well Studio in Burleigh, Queensland.

My Barefoot Experiment (and how it changed my life)

I have always loved to run. Running is my meditation. I love how simple it is to slip on a pair of shoes and just “zone” out. I guess that you could say this is why, when I was told I was going to have to pull back on the pavement pounding (even with my incredibly expensive running shoes, made to support my foot ‘flaws’) in a bid to relieve my dodgy right knee, I wasn’t going to take it lying down and as always, I went looking for my own answers. What I found changed everything I ever thought I knew about running…