Why is my Green Tea Brown?

Green-Tea Brown An Apple a Day Alyse Co-cliff

When I first started to consume green tea a few years back, I peered into my cup and asked myself why on earth do they call it green tea if it turns the water brown? My journey into health and nutrition led me to uncover the answer and had me switching to a higher quality variety quick smart. If you are drinking green tea for its health benefits, be wary of the brand you are consuming.

How to BPA (& BPS) proof your busy lifestyle

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As a result of my article “The Health Risks of BPA” published this week, I have had a number of people ask me for my personal recommendations when replacing their BPA plastics in their home. Instead of answering this question individually, I thought I would do it in a public forum, for all to see. These are just a few of the (super cute and very functional) products I use and recommend to clients. Happy Shopping!

The health risks of BPA

Health Risks of BPA - An Apple a Day

If you use plastic (whether it be drink bottles, lunch boxes or microwave containers), I am sure you have heard of the term BPA being thrown around, but how many of us actually understand the health risks associated with the use of this chemical? Are you aware that Canada has banned BPA and the US and Europe have stopped it from being used in infant feeding bottles, yet nothing has been done here in Australia? Even if you opt for BPA-free, there is a nasty cousin BPS you need to be aware of. What is BPA? What are the health risks? How can I avoid it? All revealed on the blog!

My obsession with sunflower sprouts

I really hate missing our Sunday morning organic markets for two reasons: firstly, I miss the opportunity to support my local farmers and cash in on some of the best local produce going round, and secondly I miss loading up on my sunflower sprouts. It is fair to say I am addicted to my sprouts, they are delicious, nutritious and packed full of protein. Want to know more? Jump on over to the blog now!

Fake tanning goes organic with EcoTan

As I gear up for the Brownlow medal, I started looking for natural tanning products that will help me achieve that natural summer glow at the end of a grey autumn stay in Melbourne. I started doing some digging and at last I have come across a tanning product that is 100% natural and chemical free… FINALLY! The product I am referring to is called EcoTan. I contacted the team at EcoTan and founder and business owner, Sonya Driver kindly sat down to fill us in on why this product is so amazing.

Why we need Vitamin D and where to get it for FREE.

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I have spent just over 10 days in Melbourne and it is fair to say I am exhausted. Yes, I am busy with work and catching up with friends, but it seemed more than that, I am not my usual self and I just couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit me, I left my Vitamin D supplementation in Queensland… sunshine!! According to recent research, I am not alone, with approximately 58% of all Australian’s actually Vitamin D deficient. Given this information, it is so important to understand just how vital this nutrient is to our overall health and where to get it… 100% organic and at no cost to you.