5 Fertility Tips from Jess at Nuwa Natural Health

Jess - An Apple A Day

Yesterday I spoke about the gorgeous Jess from Nuwa Natural Health regarding fertility, babies, pregnancy and post-natal care. The interview was lengthy, but she has so many incredible insights into this topic, that my questions kept on rolling. You can read this interview here. After our lengthy chat, I asked Jess what her top tips […]

The health risks of BPA

Health Risks of BPA - An Apple a Day

If you use plastic (whether it be drink bottles, lunch boxes or microwave containers), I am sure you have heard of the term BPA being thrown around, but how many of us actually understand the health risks associated with the use of this chemical? Are you aware that Canada has banned BPA and the US and Europe have stopped it from being used in infant feeding bottles, yet nothing has been done here in Australia? Even if you opt for BPA-free, there is a nasty cousin BPS you need to be aware of. What is BPA? What are the health risks? How can I avoid it? All revealed on the blog!

Why I ditched my Antiperspirant Deodorant (it’s not what you think)

I ditched my antiperspirant deodorant awhile ago because it contained a number of chemicals linked to cancer, central nervous system and birth defects, heart and liver problems and more. I made the switch to a natural alternative but ran into a few “natural deodorant duds, today on the blog, I share my journey and my top 4 natural alternatives (that actually work!).

100% Real Food Egg Replacements (Vegan)

For one reason or another, eggs seem to be climbing the list of common allergies. Whilst I feel for anyone who can no longer enjoy nutritious pasture-fed eggs, I am extremely proud of the readers writing in and telling me how they refuse to use commercial egg replacements (high fives all round!), and requesting some real-food substitutes. To show you all just how proud I am, I have compiled a list of 100% natural, real food egg replacements that can be used in a variety of recipes. For those of you still able to eat pasture-fed eggs, these substitutes work extremely well if you ever find yourself one egg short.

My obsession with sunflower sprouts

I really hate missing our Sunday morning organic markets for two reasons: firstly, I miss the opportunity to support my local farmers and cash in on some of the best local produce going round, and secondly I miss loading up on my sunflower sprouts. It is fair to say I am addicted to my sprouts, they are delicious, nutritious and packed full of protein. Want to know more? Jump on over to the blog now!

11 Amazing Benefits of Bee Pollen

When I hear the word “Superfood”, I can’t help but sigh. More often than not this label is nothing more than clever marketing hype (promoting the same age defying anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals commonly found in fresh fruits and vegetables), however I am pleased to report that bee pollen, seems to be the exception. Whether its weight loss, improved digestion, increased levels of strength and stamina or a boost in fertility, bee pollen seems to have it all!

More on the pill – Endometriosis, PCOS and the rest

woman with sarong jumping on tropical beach at sunset

Last week Nat Kringoudis, Melbourne’s natural fertility expert spoke about the side effects of the pill that many of us might not have been aware of. This week she talks all things PCOS and Endometriosis and how the Pill is not the solution. Think diet, exercise and more hanky panky!