20 Foodie Lessons I’ve learned whilst travelling the world

An Apple a Day

Throughout the last 9 years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate in travelling to 18 different countries, across 5 different continents. As a result, I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons when it comes to mealtime throughout the world, and today on the blog I share my favourites.

Coca Leaves & Altitude Sickness: Fact or Fiction?

When I told our travel doctor we were doing the Inca Trail (up to 4125m above sea level), he was VERY quick to tell me that there was ABSOLUTELY NO scientific evidence that proved Coca leaves helped with altitude sickness; they were a myth he said, a placebo and not to waste my time with […]

Hiking & Your Ultimate Recovery Formula

My recent hiking expedition proved to me that looking after yourself is key to a speedy recovery. Unlike some of my group, I was fortunate enough to come out of the hike feeling great and once we returned to the CBD, I got dressed up and went out to meet a friend whilst others retired to the couch in a world of hurt. Whilst many of my friends didn’t expect anything less from me, what they didn’t realise is that what it took to get me there wasn’t a whole lot of work. To help dispel the myth that looking after yourself is a whole lot of hard work, I have listed my top tips for surviving a hike. If hiking isn’t your thing, this advice can be applied to almost any form of exercise we undertake. All you have to remember is that preparation is key.