9 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation

Meditation - An Apple a Day - Alyse Co-cliff

Let’s face it. We are all stressed (even if you think you aren’t, you probably are). Stress is a huge hurdle for clients in clinic, so I’m constantly looking for ways to help them overcome it. One of the well known solutions to stress reduction is meditation; and before you roll your eyes and close […]

How to Stop Overeating in 10 Simple Steps

Stop overeating at Christmas - An Apple a Day

Originally this post was intended as a “How To Stop Overeating” with a Christmas focus, but as I began to write it, I realised these tips can be applied ALL year round.  HOW TO STOP OVEREATING AKA HOW TO EAT MINDFULLY   STAY HYDRATED Most of us confuse hunger for thirst. Keeping hydrated will ensure you […]