20 Foodie Lessons I’ve learned whilst travelling the world

An Apple a Day

Throughout the last 9 years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate in travelling to 18 different countries, across 5 different continents. As a result, I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons when it comes to mealtime throughout the world, and today on the blog I share my favourites.

The Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Did you know that Manuka Honey is from New Zealand? Neither did I. Did you know Manuka Honey was made by the bees that feed on the Manuka Bush which is also known as the Tea Tree bush? Me either! Like many of you, I always knew that Manuka Honey had a wide range of healing benefits, but not once did I ever suspect it was capable of so much. This miracle ‘gel’ is nothing short of amazing and something I highly recommend you keep in both your pantry and medicinal cabinet. Why? How? Where do I get some? All is revealed in my post today!

Healthy Restaurants and Organic Cafes in Auckland

Only a few months ago we took our first trip to New Zealand. Because we only had a short 4 days (and limited access to direct flights from Brisbane), we decided to base ourselves in Auckland and explore the North Island from there. Unfortunately, a cyclone was due to hit the coast in the middle of our stay, so we were confined to the inner city and surrounds a little more than we planned. Whilst this might seem a little disappointing, it meant we had a whole lot more time to explore whole-foodie restaurants and cafes in the area (tough gig, I know!). Here are some of our favourites; I can’t wait to go back…