My Chemical Free Beauty Routine

Alyse Cocliff Co-cliff

Switching to chemical free beauty products can be hard work. There’s an awful lot of guesswork involved whilst you try to find the best products for your skin type, trust me I know! In a bid to eliminate some of the confusion, today on the blog, I share my very own beauty routine and provide a pretty amazing offer for all An Apple a Day readers x

How to store Olive Oil

Whilst I’ve been researching health and wellbeing for a few years now, there are still so many new things that I learn each and everyday. One of those fun facts is the best way to store your olive oil in a bid to maximise it’s health benefits. How do you do it? Everything you need to know is right here.

Why you shouldn’t cook with olive oil

Cooking with Olive Oil - An Apple a Day

If you have ever watched an episode of ‘Jamie’s 30 minute meals’, you will know he loves a “little drizzle of olive oil” over absolutely everything. Whilst I love Jamie’s passion for real food and commend his efforts to bring about change in the food industry, I have to admit that I cringe every time he adds olive oil to a fry pan or dish over high heat…