How to read a Food Label

Whilst I’m a huge advocate for eating real foods (AKA foods without labels), I know that there is always going to be the odd occasion, where we are going to opt for food with labels. To help overcome this hurdle with confidence, I have put together a quick list of tips and tricks that will help you skip the nasties found in packaged foods and ensure you return home with some nutritious and delicious ingredients for your next meal. Perhaps you could even commit to a pantry de-tox this weekend using these 5 tips!

What’s in your ice-cream?

Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice-cream is one of those items people struggle to give up. It is also one of those foods where if I asked you what was in your favourite tub, you wouldn’t be able to even guess anymore. Traditional ice-cream contains 5 ingredients and is prepared quite easily. Compare this to your commercial varieties and you will be left shocked. There are a whole host of reasons to avoid these bad boys, and they are all found in the ingredients list. Another reason to simply make your own.