Blueberry Choc Smoothie

Blueberry Choc smoothie - An Apple a Day - Alyse Co-cliff

Are you looking for a nutritious and delicious way to fill your tummy? Why not try my refreshing Blueberry Choc Smoothie!

My Barefoot Experiment (and how it changed my life)

I have always loved to run. Running is my meditation. I love how simple it is to slip on a pair of shoes and just “zone” out. I guess that you could say this is why, when I was told I was going to have to pull back on the pavement pounding (even with my incredibly expensive running shoes, made to support my foot ‘flaws’) in a bid to relieve my dodgy right knee, I wasn’t going to take it lying down and as always, I went looking for my own answers. What I found changed everything I ever thought I knew about running…

Italy: Our Hotels, Whole Foodie Finds & Highlights

There is a common misconception that when you travel to Italy, all you have to eat is Pizza, Pasta and Gelato however, I am pleased to report that this is simply not the case. Yes, you read that correctly, Italy puts on a pretty impressive ‘Paleo show’, all you have to do is know where to look. Today I share my holiday snaps, hotels, whole foodie finds and of course our highlights. Perhaps you can use this information to create one of your own heart warming adventures some time soon? If so, I can guarantee it will be nothing short of amazing.

Cauliflower Pizza Bases

Cauliflower Pizza Bases - An Apple a Day - Alyse Co-cliff

We haven’t eaten Pizza in such a long time. Initially, I think it was a result of deciding to skip the gluten and soon after that (when I realised what was in the gluten free pizza bases), we decided to skip on those also. However all of this changed last week when I had a sudden had a Pizza craving. I don’t know what bought it on, maybe it was the weather? Or maybe it was the abundance of cauliflower stashed in our refrigerator? Whatever it was, I embarked on a mission to bring them to the table. The result? A whole lot of ‘nom nom nom’.

Paleo Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe

This recipe became an all time favourite during my 30 day Paleo challenge and one we will continue to use going forward, it is oh so tasty and a great way to add loads of delicious vegetables to your day, without you even realising.
For those of you who turn your nose up at cauliflower rice, let me tell you it is not as bad as you think. Not only is it more nutritious than white rice and more delicious, cauliflower rice is a wonderful substitute for anyone wanting to avoid grains or wheat.

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

I remember when I was first introduced to ‘Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups’. I was working in Miami and they had a jar of Reese Mini’s on the table in the agency (chocolate in a modelling agency – go figure?!). The girls warned me that if I dared to open the packet, my life was about to change. I took the risk and it was there I fell in love with the chocolate peanut butter combo.

That was a long time ago (during my sugar fuelled days) and now, because I don’t even touch the processed chocolate in the shiny wrappers, I sought out to find an alternative and here we are!