Translating Food Labels – Part 1

I took a walk through the supermarket the other day with my inspector gadget cap on. With a waive of new clients coming through, I decided that the best way to help them make change is to understand what they were up against first hand. After strolling throughout the store, I was pleased to say that it wasn’t the soft drink aisle or confectionary section that bothered me so much (they can claim what they like, but we all know that stuff isn’t going to promote good health). What really got under my skin was the clever marketing slogans, sales pitches and far fetched health claims that were plastered over once healthy and nourishing foods like nuts, dried fruit, yoghurts etc. Given my frustration, I decided the best thing to do was to channel my frustration into a blog post. Given there is so much to get through, I have split this post into two. To kick things off, let’s start with all things “Gluten Free”.

Rapadura Sugar: Why indulging in sweets doesn’t mean you have to skimp on nutrition

Whilst I encourage everyone to consume sugar sparingly, if you decide to indulge in a little sugar every now and then (like our delicious healthy hot chocolate featured in our winter cookbook), there are a number of alternatives that will trump the heavily processed and oh so dangerous white powder lurking in your pantry. My favourite? Read on.

Is your Stevia 100% natural? Supermarket shoppers must read!

Is Your Stevia 100% Natural

Clever marketing has enabled big companies to take advantage of the very popular, low calorie sweetener, stevia. However, many of us are being taken for a ride. Are you getting what you thought you were paying for? Supermarket shoppers, this one is for you..