5 Natural Ways To Help Jet-Lag

Natural Ways To Beat Jetlag - An Apple a Day

I’ve crossed my fair share of time zones and I’ve only ever been jet-lagged once… yep ONCE. As such, I’ve opted to share my tips and tricks below.

6 Unusual Things You’ll Find In My Carry-On

6 Unusual Things You'll Find in my Carry-On

The last thing you want when planning a holiday is to fall ill, get injured or lose a few days to jet-lag. I always take the necessary steps to help prevent the above where possible. Aside from the stock standard carry-on essentials, I carry the following six unusual items in my hand luggage when on board long haul flights…

Noosa Eats

Noosa Eats

I truly love Noosa, but boy did I struggle to find delicious whole foodie eats while I was there! Below is a list, albeit a short list, that is my absolute go-to when i’m dining in Noosa. If you’re looking for more of a whole-foodie vibe, I would suggest taking the beautiful drive to Maroochydore […]

Sunshine Coast Eats

Sunshine Coast Eats

                  I’m not going to lie, I struggle to find whole foodie places on the Sunshine Coast (if you read my post on Noosa, you’ll understand why) however, my recent trip to Alexandra Headlands allowed me to discover some hidden gems. THE MILKBAR – MAROOCHYDORE This small […]

20 Foodie Lessons I’ve learned whilst travelling the world

An Apple a Day

Throughout the last 9 years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate in travelling to 18 different countries, across 5 different continents. As a result, I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons when it comes to mealtime throughout the world, and today on the blog I share my favourites.

Where to Eat, Sleep and Explore in Peru – Lima

Having travelled quite extensively, I can honestly say that South America is truly is a place like no other. Today, I share where we ate, slept and explored in Lima, Peru. If you’re planning on heading to this incredible country (or even thinking about it), be sure to check this out.

Avoiding BPA with Decor Glass ‘Match-Ups’

Awhile back I wrote a post reviewing my very inexpensive, yet very practical dehydrator. It’s fair to say that this is still one of my most popular posts (with loads of positive feedback), so I thought I would continue to share some more of my practical yet inexpensive kitchen finds. Recently, Décor sent me a selection of their new “Match-Ups” glass storage range to review. Whilst Im very strict on what products are sent my way, this range ticked all the boxes and I have to say I am incredibly impressed (no, I didn’t get paid to say that). These cute and colourful glass containers have become my new kitchen staple and yes, I even added to the samples sent my way and purchased additional pieces for my collection. Check out the blog for more information on this inexpensive kitchen solution.

Italy: Our Hotels, Whole Foodie Finds & Highlights

There is a common misconception that when you travel to Italy, all you have to eat is Pizza, Pasta and Gelato however, I am pleased to report that this is simply not the case. Yes, you read that correctly, Italy puts on a pretty impressive ‘Paleo show’, all you have to do is know where to look. Today I share my holiday snaps, hotels, whole foodie finds and of course our highlights. Perhaps you can use this information to create one of your own heart warming adventures some time soon? If so, I can guarantee it will be nothing short of amazing.

Healthy Restaurants and Organic Cafes in Auckland

Only a few months ago we took our first trip to New Zealand. Because we only had a short 4 days (and limited access to direct flights from Brisbane), we decided to base ourselves in Auckland and explore the North Island from there. Unfortunately, a cyclone was due to hit the coast in the middle of our stay, so we were confined to the inner city and surrounds a little more than we planned. Whilst this might seem a little disappointing, it meant we had a whole lot more time to explore whole-foodie restaurants and cafes in the area (tough gig, I know!). Here are some of our favourites; I can’t wait to go back…