Improving digestion with Yoga

Digestion Yoga - An Apple a Day Nutrition

Yoga has many benefits, but did you know it can help you improve your digestion? If you are suffering from bloating, cramping or even IBS, yoga may help you manage such symptoms and elevate feelings of health and vitality. The incredibly talented Tully Lou from Tully Lou performance wear, tells all!

How much is too much Yoga?

Everything in moderation right? How many times have we heard this before? From the likes of the gorgeous Miranda Kerr talking about her diet, to the health expert who is telling you how much red wine you should be consuming every day, it seems moderation is the key to finding balance, but does it apply to everything? There is no secret that too much of the bad stuff can lead to extreme medical problems, but what about Yoga? How much is too much? Today Tully Lou teaches us when to pull back.

The beginners guide to Yoga with Tully Lou

Once you have made the decision to practice yoga, the next question we all face is what style best suits us? Whether its Vinyasa, Birkam or Iyengar (just to name a few), the beautiful and ever so talented Bikram Yoga instructor and Director of Tully-Lou active wear, Tully Humphrey answers your questions.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

The Health Benefits of Yoga - An Apple a Day

Today on the blog, one of my favourite yogi’s Karen Bicchierai from Bikram Yoga Prahran lists her favourite 3 benefits of yoga. Once you begin to understand the benefits associated with regular practice, there is a very good chance that you will start a routine sooner rather than later.