Welcome Coaching Clients

Part of my approach to health and wellness revolves around the belief that not one size fits all. As such, I develop each program specifically for the individual, based on their current level of health and wellness, as well as their ongoing goals. 

To help me do this successfully, I ask all of my clients to complete the following questionnaires. The results of these questionnaires give me a better understanding of how and where we need to make some changes. 

What I need from you:

All you have to do, is fill out each questionnaire in its entirety (all tabs included), before adding your name and email to the bottom and clicking ‘submit’. 

The results will then be sent to me and we will discuss all of this (and more!) in our next meeting.

The Questionnaires:

Health Apprasial Questionnaire
Metabolic Typing Questions

I can’t wait to start working with you!