What’s so good about a juice cleanse?


For those of you who follow my Instagram account, you would remember that last week, with the help of the incredible team at ‘The Living Juice Co.’, I embarked on my very first juice cleanse. Whilst I will admit that I was a little apprehensive at first (I LOVE chewing my food), I am pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse and more importantly, I am thoroughly enjoying the results! Before I spill all of the beans relating to my juice cleanse experience, I wanted you all to understand a little more about a juice-cleanse and why it may be something you could benefit from. To help me explain, I sat down with the beautiful Nicole, founder of ‘The Living Juice Co’ and asked her a few questions… 

Why should we cleanse?

During a normal day, 80% of our daily energy is spent on digestion alone. When we conduct a juice cleanse, we give our digestive system a rest from constant food intake and allow our body to focus its energy instead on healing, rejuvenating and repairing the different areas of the body. This includes boosting your immune system, detoxifying your liver, improving your circulatory system… the list goes on! 

In addition, aside from the toxins we willingly ingest daily (i.e. alcohol, sugar, caffeine etc), our bodies are regularly exposed to all kinds of other contaminants and pollutants in our environment. These include the fluoride and chlorine in our water, heavy metals in our deodorants, artificial food chemicals, synthetic hormones, antibiotics and radiation. Estimates show that you and I are quite possibly carrying around 700 contaminants at this very moment – this is at the very least! The result of this toxic burden is often fatigue, low energy, poor immunity, skin ailments, poor digestive system, bad breath, weight gain, allergies, anxiety, irritability, headaches, low libido, hormonal imbalances, trouble sleeping,  sinus congestion, constipation and eventually more serious ongoing dis-ease. A carefully designed juice cleanse (like ours) is designed to flood the body with an array of phytonutrients that will in turn, increase detoxification processes and at the same time, ensure that you are nourished and provided with sufficient, immediately accessible fuel and support.

Who would benefit from a cleanse?

A cleanse is ideal for someone who wants to supplement his or her diet with raw, living vitamins. Some clear signs that it is time to cleanse are: a weakened immune system, troubled skin, allergies, mood swings, poor sleeping habits, poor digestion, weight gain, low energy levels or just feeling less than the best ever. Our juices at Living Juice Co. seeks to assist your body’s natural functions to better retrieve your energy, healthy skin, strength, and allow you to just plain feel good!

What is a cold-pressed juice? What are the benefits?

The processing method we use at Living Juice Co. requires precision and patience.

We use a twin gear Angel cold press juicer. This amazing machine extracts the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from our organic produce – far higher than any normal centrifugal juicer that you could buy in a store. This is especially true for low-yielding but nutrient powerhouse greens like kale, spinach and dandelion greens. The process results in minimum oxidation of the juice, which means that your juices stay fresher, better tasting and more nutritious for longer (up to three days).

Household juicers, typically ‘rotary’ or ‘centrifugal,’ are a significantly faster processing method, however, less efficient.  The blade inside a centrifugal juicer spins at a high speed, generating heat.  This heat oxidizes and separates nutrients naturally found in the whole fruits and vegetables, and unfortunately, renders these nutrients incomplete. 



Why is an organic juice cleanse important?

We have extremely high standards and our ‘no toxins’ policy means that you avoid the plethora of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilisers and other chemicals found on conventional fruits and vegetables. After all, consuming a cleanse using chemically treated produce, essentially, negates the purpose of detoxifying in the first place as you are instead flooding your cells with toxic compounds.

Overwhelming evidence also indicates that there is significantly higher nutritional value in organic produce and organic soils. This much greater nutrient profile has been found to be at least three times higher in organic produce in comparison to conventional fruits and vegetables – meaning increased availability of vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants for you and your body! 

Your juices are stored in glass bottles, why is this important?

We attempt to keep a low carbon footprint and incorporate biodegradable products wherever possible. We use 100% recyclable and reusable glass packaging to avoid contributing to the ever-growing plastic landfills (with the added benefit of supporting your health by avoiding BPA and phthalate laden plastic).

 Is it important to slowly work foods back in to our diet post cleanse?

Slowly and gradually introducing your system to ‘solid’ foods again is essential post cleanse. Keeping in mind that the stomach may have shrunk from the past few days of liquid cleansing – it’s an excellent idea to break your fast with a juicy, alkaline fruit, such as papaya, cucumber, fresh figs or cherries. It may also be a good idea to stick to soups and smoothies for the first few days after a liquid fast.

In the days and week following, you want to come down from a cleanse the same way you prepared for it. Start with fruits, green leafy salads, seaweeds, bone broth and steamed vegetables and be sure to chew everything well. After a day or two of this, you can begin to introduce nuts and seeds, beneficial fats such as avocado, coconut and olive oil, wild fish and organic pasture-fed meats if desired. The key is to take it slow, eat less but more often.

What are your top tips for first-time juice cleansers?

  • The more prepared you are before your cleanse, the smoother your transition will be. This means a few days leading up to your cleanse, cut down on all those delicious indulgences we love to love and phase out: the coffee, alcohol, nicotine, refined grains, sugar, conventional meat and pasteurised dairy – adding in fresh fruit, plenty of leafy greens, sea vegetables, nourishing broths and colourful veggies at every meal.
  • While cleansing we recommend some things that will make your journey more enjoyable. We strongly urge you to drink all of your juices everyday, either in a constant drip or by setting an alarm to have a juice at least every two hours – this is to avoid any feelings of deprivation or hunger.
  • Continue to drink water or any herbal teas you may desire.
  • Keep warm, you may feel colder while cleansing. Be sure to rug up if you feel chilly or take a warm bath!
  • Give yourself the time, permission and space to rest. There is a lot of cleaning and healing going on below the surface. Listen to your body, if you feel a bit run down, take it easy!

Think a juice cleanse is something you might be interested in but want to know the in’s and out’s of a cleanse and what’s involved? tomorrow I reveal my ‘Diary of a Juice Cleanse’ to share all of my own ‘juice cleansing’ experiences.

Both images from this post were sourced from livingjuiceco.com.au website.