The initial consultation is dedicated to question time and will run for approximately 1 hour in length. Throughout this consultation, Alyse will ask you a diverse range of questions in order to gain an understanding of what’s occurring on a physical, emotional and chemical level. Alyse will also look at your diet and lifestyle as well as carry out any in-clinic testing that may be indicated i.e. blood pressure, tongue analysis, pH testing and/or nail analysis. After your assessment, Alyse will provide you with baseline dietary advice and the tools to help get you started. 

After your initial consultation, Alyse will spend time researching your case and preparing a treatment plan. This plan will include a thorough analysis of your diet, nutrient intake, presenting complaints, test results and your health history. This time is dedicated to your case only and is included within your initial consultation fee. 


The second consult (approximately 1 week later) is where Alyse presents a concise treatment plan based on the above information. This treatment plan establishes your short term and long term goals and the steps involved in attaining them. We discuss dietary and lifestyle changes in detail before breaking them down into small, easy to adopt steps. During this consultation we will also discuss any required nutraceutical supplementation, it’s purpose in the treatment plan and length of estimated compliance. 


Return consultations will then be scheduled in order to keep track of changes and ensure they remain consistent with your health goals as you move through the program. These appointments are also designed to work-shop any barriers to change you may be experiencing (i.e. time management, hurdles with food preparation, lifestyle stressors etc.) and steps to overcoming them.


Private health rebates are available. Please contact Alyse here for more information. 

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