Toxic Free Make-Up: My Favourite Powders

Have you ever taken the time to skim over the list of ingredients found in your everyday cosmetics? If your products were anything like the ones I used to use, do the words chemical $%&! storm come to mind? If so, bare with me and together, let’s dig a little deeper… 

The average female exposes herself to 168 unique cosmetic chemicals each and every day. Yep, 168 chemicals, sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well what if I told you that by applying your make-up, styling your hair, popping on your deodorant and brushing your teeth, it’s possible that every one of these 168 chemicals like that of p-phenylenediamin, dibutyl phthalate or methenamine have entered your systemic circulation before you have even walked out the door? Makes you think doesn’t it? 

As the evidence exposing the dangers of these toxic chemicals continues to mount, I decided it was time to start sifiting through the masses and locate some viable alternatives. 

When it comes to organic beauty products, I am the first to admit that some can be a little blah on performance; so, before I set out to share my natural and cruelty free products with you all, I want to disclose the following information. 

  • I personally contacted these brands and asked them to provide samples of their products for review. They were more than happy to do so. 
  • Today, we are reviewing loose powder. If you would like more information on Liquid Foundation, please click here. 
  • To ensure that all of the products that we were using were considered ‘safe’, I enlisted the help of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website, Skin Deep. Skin Deep is a fantastic website that contains information and online safety assessments for over 69,000 products and their ingredients. We never tested any products that rated higher than “Low Hazard” (OR greater than an EWG score of 2). 
  • I am not getting paid for this review, it’s a genuine product recommendation. 





If you’re looking to shop these brands, you can buy them all here: 

Next, in the Natural Beauty Review Series, I’ll be posting the results on both Mascara and Eyeliner. What are your toxic free favourites?


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