McDonalds Sales Plummet – But Why?


I’ve seen some information floating around Facebook which infers that McDonalds sales are falling due to an increase in demand for healthier food. Whilst, I am all for this news (believe me!), I was a little disheartened to discover that this was not the whole truth. I let it slide for awhile, but unfortunately, it’s only getting more traction and I feel as though I have to say something. For those of you who are interested, there is (as always) more to this story…

Whilst I am all for the real food movement and a huge supporter of those who opt for healthier alternatives, according to a report released by “The Economist” the truth of the matter is, aside from damaging health scares in China, geopolitics in Russia and import strikes forcing supply of french fries to plummet in Japan, McDonalds aren’t going bust because we are choosing to eat better (however, this does help!), the real problem is that McDonalds has been squeezed by competition. Yep, Burger King and other fast food chains are on the rise as people go elsewhere for their fast food fix.

Some of you may be asking why I would share this information? Isn’t it good for morale if we think we are making a difference? Possibly… however, I feel it’s important to share this for two reasons:

1. It’s the truth

2. I fear that the health food movement (and documentaries like ‘Super Size Me’) has demonised McDonalds to a point in which members of the public view it as the sole “evil” of the fast food industry… when it’s not. There are incredible number of competitors, Burger King included, which produce “food” in a similar fashion. It’s not just McDonalds that’s operating as the prime evil here, it’s the industry as a whole. Whilst I applaud those looking to make a difference, unfortunately switching to Burger King or Shake Shack doesn’t mean you’ve avoided the hidden dangers of fast food. 

So yeah, McDonalds sales are falling globally, but in America Burger King, Shake Shack and other fast food retailers’ market share is on the rise. As a result, I feel that by celebrating the demise of one brand or business (and neglecting to see the bigger picture), I feel we are missing the real problem here… there are some serious holes in our education. 

I would love to know your thoughts.. 


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