Which Chocolate Is Best? PLUS a list of My Personal Favourites

an apple a day - dark chocolate

Which chocolate is best? So many of us love chocolate however we’re confused as to what’s the most nutritious/better for us. With so many brands now flooding the market, I decided it was time to list my favourites.


Before we get started on the product recommendations, let me explain the differences between the 3 different types of chocolate available:

  • WHITE CHOCOLATE – White chocolate usually consists of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. In terms of nutrient value there is no cocoa/cacao so it’s not going to rank highly on the nutrient scales. Hence, it’s one I tend to avoid.
  • MILK CHOCOLATE  – Milk Chocolate is made with milk (in the form of either milk powder, liquid milk or condensed milk) and a cocoa liquor or butter. Vanilla, milk fats and lecithin are also often used. In terms of nutrient value, it ranks higher than white chocolate however, it’s sugar content often outweighs any nutrient benefit.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE  – Dark chocolate is produced using higher percentages of cocoa, traditionally with cocoa butter instead of milk, but there are a number of variations. Typically, the higher percentage of cocoa, the lower the sugar and the higher the nutrient value (due to cacao/cocoa content).



  • Made with 2 ingredients:
    • 80% raw cacao (cacao butter, cacao powder) – cacao not cocoa is a nutrient PLUS
    • 20% dark agave nectar – I’m not a huge fan of Agave, but treats are OK.
  • 100% certified organic
  • 100% fair trade
  • 21% Sugar
  • No Dairy, No Soy, Gluten Free.

MY FAVOURITES IN THIS SERIES: Sour Cherry & Vanilla. Even though cacao falls to 50%, sugar stays relatively constant at ~ 23% or 22.7g/100g.The sugar content of the Mint variety (another favourite) jumps ever so slightly to 24.5%, with cacao at 60%. The nut variety has lowest cacao (43%) but also lowest sugar content at 15.6% thanks so all those nuts taking up space 🙂


  • Made with 2 ingredients:
    • 72% Raw Cacao Beans
    • 28% Evaporated Coconut Nectar from Java, Indonesia
  • 100% certified organic
  • 100% fair trade
  • 28% sugar
  • No Dairy, No Soy, Gluten Free.


  • 85% Cocoa (Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Butter)
  • 15% Raw Cane Sugar
  • 100% Fair Trade
  • 15% Sugar / 15g/100g
  • No Dairy, No Soy however, MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF GLUTEN.

MY FAVOURITES IN THIS SERIES: I enjoy these, but have them very rarely – currently finding them too sweet.  Dark Mint Chocolate – however be aware that when cocoa drops from 85% to 60%, sugar jumps from 15% to 45% or 45g/100g the highest of all varieties listed here. Eat mindfully 🙂 Dark Sea Salt – Cocoa is 70% but sugar is still 30% or 30g/100g.


  • Whilst it’s 85% Cocoa, this comes from cocoa mass (AKA Cocoa Liquor) and reduced fat cocoa powder and cocoa butter.
  • In terms of sugar content, it’s Demerara sugar (which is just a fancy name for cane sugar) & vanilla however, it’s sitting at 11% or 11g/100g.
  • Not Fair Trade
  • Not Organic
  • May contain dairy, soy or wheat.

NOTE: If you drop to the 70% dark chocolate variety, sugar content almost triples to 30g/100g or 30%.

At the end of the day, life is meant to be enjoyed. If you’re eating chocolate infrequently (1-2 per month), there’s not much to be concerned about. If you’re eating it daily, being mindful of your sugar consumption 🙂

Have I missed your favourite? Tell me in the comments below! 


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