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If you’re a client of mine you’ll know that I am ALWAYS looking for ways to reduce the stress our bodies are under. Whilst browsing the inter-webs for a solution to ongoing eye-strain from computer work (something I see all the time), I came across a range of blue-light filtering glasses with orange frames. I realised I may struggle to get my clients over the line with this one – they aren’t attractive by any means – so I dug a little deeper and found Baxter Blue. A range of stylish frames without the orange lenses that do exactly the same thing. I’ve ordered them for my client’s and myself and the results have been nothing but positive so I contacted Aaron, the founder of Baxter Blue to find out exactly how this idea came about (note: there is a discount code at the end!).

Hi Aaron,

Thank you so much for taking the time today to speak with us.

I’m honestly so excited to share your product with my readers – I feel like this product will change so many lives like it has mine (I’m actually wearing mine as we speak). However, before we talk all about the solution, let’s explain the problem.

What is blue light?

Blue light is all around us, existing naturally in the sun as well as artificial light sources including digital screens such as mobile phones, TV’s & computers. Blue light has a wavelength of between 380nm & 500nm making it one of the shortest, highest energy wavelengths, sitting right next to the UV light.

Recent studies have shown that overexposure to this harmful blue light from digital screens may have detrimental effects on our health such as digital eye strain, sleeping disorders as well as increasing the risk of macular degeneration

What are the symptoms of over-exposure to blue light?

Digital Eye strain is one of the major symptoms of exposure to blue light. Symptoms of digital eye strain are dry, sore itchy eyes, headaches, neck pain, back pain & general eye discomfort.

Poor sleep is also another symptom of digital eye strain. Blue light during the day is beneficial because it boosts attention, reaction times and mood. However at night, artificial blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm that causes the natural release of melatonin that helps us sleep. Because the blue light tricks our brain into believing it’s still daytime, falling asleep can be more difficult and we don’t sleep as deeply. Circadian disruption can also lead to other more serious side effects, including an increase in obesity and depression.

Is there natural blue light? Does this cause the same kind of problems as artificial blue light?

Yes, natural blue light exists in the sun however as you never look directly at the sun, you don’t get the same symptoms.

On your website you mentioned that recent studies have shown that prolonged exposure to the blue violet light (400nm-440nm) can contribute to retinal damage and macular degeneration – an irreversible loss of vision? Is Macular Degeneration on the rise?

As digital devices with high energy LED screens have only been around in recent years we would not have seen an increase yet in macular degeneration as a result of exposure to blue light. Research is showing that exposure to the blue light over cumulative years may lead to macular degeneration. Studies with animals & stem cells are showing the blue light can harm the retina however at this early stage we still don’t have the definitive research on how blue light can lead to macular degeneration.

With digital screens very much part of our everyday life now, we don’t think it’s worth gambling ours & our children’s eyesight on. There is no harm in protecting our eyes against the harmful blue light and we think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What are the symptoms of digital eyestrain?

Digital eye strain is symptoms caused by staring at digital devices for too long. There are a variety of symptoms that people can experience with the most common being:

  • Headaches
  • Dry eyes / itchy eyes / irritated eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • General eye discomfort
  • Blurry vision
  • Neck pain & back pain

OK, now the part we’ve all been waiting for. Tell me about Baxter Blue?

Baxter Blue was born after actually suffering digital eye strain myself. When I was crippled with headaches after hours on screens, I assumed it was probably time for prescription glasses.

To my surprise my eye test results showed 20/20 vision. The optometrist suggested I purchase frames with just a blue light filter in the lenses, given my constant computer use. I was gobsmacked when he charged me $250!

Interestingly, if I added the mildest of prescription lenses, I would have been charged 30% of that cost and private health insurance would cover the difference. But private health does not cover blue light filter glasses.

I left the optometrist in a huff – and with an idea.

So that became our mission. To make quality, affordable blue light filtering glasses that not only work by filtering out the harmful blue violet light and alleviating digital eye strain, but are also fashionable. And so Baxter Blue was born.

Right at the beginning we wanted to ‘give back’ to people in need as it aligned with our values of helping people less fortunate than us & now that this was our own business we could do it. After much research into companies that give back to those in need we found Restoring Vision whose values aligned with ours. What we liked was the fact that every dollar that we donate goes to help purchase a pair of reading glasses for someone in need.

Many of us would have seen other brands of blue blocker glasses on the market – all with the less than glamorous orange lens – how does Baxter Blue achieve the same result with a clear lens?

Our Blue+ lenses have been specifically developed to filter out the short harmful blue light in the 400-440nm range with the clear lens being atheistically pleasing and not changing the colour perception of a digital screen. As you can see by our range we have also focused on producing a fashionable range of frames that people are happy to wear in public. The results people are seeing from wearing our glasses speak for themselves

You’ve had some incredible testimonials on your website – what are common symptoms that tend to be relieved with wearing the glasses?

The most common symptoms we hear day to day are sore dry eyes & headaches however we have also heard some great feedback from people saying how much easier they fall asleep at night after wearing their Baxter Blues.

One really interesting issue that our glasses have helped with is people recovering from concussion. Exposure to any light including blue light after concussion can be painful however the blue light filtering qualities of our glasses have helped some of our customers return to work earlier by reducing their eye strain while their body was healing.

And you have some available for children?

Yes, we have a great range of cool looking blue light glasses available for children. With glasses for kids these days becoming a bit of a fashion item, kids are no longer hesitant to wear them thinking they might be the dorky one at school!!

Today, kids grow up surrounded by digital devices and that means that they are heavily exposed to screens from an early age when their eyes are still developing – making them even more at risk for potential long term damage.

Kids don’t have any pigment in their eyes (as adults do) to provide some protection, so the blue light can pass straight through to the retina and the damage may be cumulative. As their eyes are not developed until their early 20’s, most of the damage from the exposure to the blue light occurs before then.

I’m always telling my clients to put their devices away at night or activate Night-shift and F.lux on their phones or computers to avoid disruption to their circadian rhythms, but Baxter Blue is taking it one step further and blocking out TV and other devices as well. I am so excited about this concept and know so many of my readers will be also. Where can we learn more?

To learn more about the effect of blue light & to see our range of blue light glasses, head to our website We’ve also organised Free Express Shipping for all of your readers, all they have to do is enter “ALYSE” at the checkout.

AMAZING! Thanks so much Aaron, I really appreciate it. Jump on over to Baxter Blue now and pick up a pair of blue-blocking frames. I can’t wait to hear what you think! x 


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