Peak performance & good health

A guest blog by Dr. David Cahill.

You were born with a potential for greatness.

We all were. The forum for your greatness may be sport, art, motherhood, science, literature, volunteer work – any arena at all. Whether or not you are on the road to achieving greatness is another question to consider.

I believe that peak performance is the key to manifesting your greatness.

Being physically vibrant, having mental clarity and agility, nurturing deeply fulfilling relationships, connecting with your inner genius and following your heart – all these are aspects of peak performance and co-incidentally, all of these are key aspects of good health. As a chiropractor I am privileged to witness the change that occurs in people when they decide to choose this path.

So much of what is called healthcare in our society is not healthcare as much as it is disease–care.  We are taught basically not to really think about our health unless we are sick, and then to look for the ‘problem’, which needs to be treated. Unfortunately, this approach is not making us, as a species, become healthier, and indeed it has ramifications for our planet.

If we switched our approach to healthcare from re-active to pro-active, the possibilities are endless. If we viewed good health as integral to performance, and there is a striving to perform magnificently, the results can be profound.

Alyse has kindly asked me to contribute a blog from time to time on her website. In doing so, I will discuss aspects of health and wellness through a chiropractic lens. Whatever your current situation in terms of your health (and perhaps that of your family), you can improve, beginning today. I hope to help you on your journey.

Dr. David Cahill

IMG_0222-1Dr David Cahill has been a practicing Chiropractor for the past 20 years. David was the Governor of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation for 11 years, having spent 3 of those years as President. Over the years David has witnessed the simplicity, safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care with people of all ages. 


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