“How I lost 24kgs with ‘An Apple a Day'”

Weight loss with An Apple a Day

A while back my partner was approached by a supporter at a football match who told him ‘An Apple a Day’ had helped him lose 24kgs and turn his life around for the better. Helping someone to change their life is something you only ever dream of doing, and when you do this by following your passion, the feeling only grows exponentially. 

Only a few days later I heard from this supporter via email. His story was so incredibly powerful and something I knew so many people out there could relate to. I asked Alex if he would share his story with the readers and he happily obliged. A huge thank you to Alex for sharing this journey, you should be so proud of everything you have achieved…

“I never ate vegetables, I liked fruit but also never ate it. My diet was heavy on Take-away food, biscuits, chocolate, cake, alcohol. What was worse was I never exercised. I was a lazy bloke who felt invincible whilst also loathing the way I looked. I wanted to get healthy but it all seemed to hard.

I met my current partner who was a chef at the time, she was also studying to be a nurse. This is when things started to change. When she would cook, she would put vegetables on the plate. Although I didn’t like vegetables, I would eat them to be polite. It was then that I clicked, hold on, I like vegetables! Why have I told myself I’ve hated them for the last 30 years?

Although I started eating more vegetables, things didn’t change much. I still ate and drank too much of the wrong stuff, and didn’t lift a finger to do anything about losing any weight.

On the 28th July, 2013, I had a photo taken with Josh Green (from Brisbane Lions player) at the Brisbane v Port game here in Adelaide. I was so happy to have the photo taken, but when I got home and saw the photo I was horrified with how I looked. Although the photo hides a lot, my face looked huge and with many chins. That day I decided to make a change.

The next Monday I wanted to see how healthy I really was. I went to the doctor to get a check up and a blood test. I was classed me as mildly obese. The blood test results was where the changes had to be made.

My kidneys and liver were shutting down, my uric acid levels were 5 times the normal level. My blood sugar levels put me at a range where diabetes was a major concern and cholesterol was high. I was a walking time-bomb.

That was the last day I had a soft drink, chocolate bar, high-fat take away food. Moderation became the key on all levels of my diet. Exercise is a daily activity rather than a yearly activity. 

In the last twelve months I am pleased to report my weight loss of 24.5kg’s, XL to S/M clothing.

My diet is now all nuts and grains, fruit and vegetables and lean meats and fish. I’ve gone from soft drink to all water and tea, from no exercise to walking 10km’s a day and riding 15km’s a day. Lazy office job to a high intensity warehouse role. Blood sugar is now normal, uric acid normal, cholesterol normal. I haven’t felt this healthy since I was a teenager.

Although I have been able to do a lot of it through sheer will power, a lot of the advice I have taken onboard and a lot of the things I ate for my meals came down to your website and it’s recipe’s. We have made a lot of your recipe’s at home (my favourite is the Roast Pumpkin and Pear Quiche). Your words of wisdom and advice on healthy living and eating have been so helpful in the choices I have made with my life going forward, so I thank you for that. 

I still like a beer. But just a beer, not many many beers. When I can (and can afford to) I’ll buy organic, but I always make sure I buy healthy fresh ingredients and not processed. The only downside has been the cost of replacing all my clothing! All my Guernsey’s look like sheets on me now. But I suppose its a good problem to have in the grand scheme of things.

I have come to realise that life is a balance of rest, healthy diet and exercise. Moderation is the key. 

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done and continue to do. You are inspiring change in so many ways”. 

Thanks so much to Alex for sharing your story. You made my day/week/month/year :). I look forward to hearing more about your journey. Do you have a wellness story? What caused you to make your changes? I would love to hear all about your trials, tribulations and successes. 


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