Avoiding BPA with Decor Glass ‘Match-Ups’


Recently, I wrote a post reviewing my very inexpensive, yet very practical dehydrator. It’s fair to say that this is still one of my most popular posts (with loads of positive feedback and lots of ‘An Apple a Day’ love), so I thought I would continue to share some more of my practical yet inexpensive kitchen finds.

Recently, Décor sent me a selection of their new “Match-Ups” glass storage range (pictured) to review (you can read all about where I stand on sponsored posts and advertising here). As many of you are aware, here at ‘An Apple a Day’, we are very strict on the products we do review however, this time round, I have to say I am incredibly impressed (no, I didn’t get paid to say that). These cute and colourful glass containers have become my new kitchen staple and yes, I have to keep tabs on them to ensure they don’t go missing. 


  • The bases are glass, which means they are free from BPA and it’s harmful effects on our bodies. They also are free from PVC, Lead and Phthalates. You can read all about why it is important to avoid BPA by clicking here, here and here. The lids are also BPA free
  • The bases are made from borosilicate glass, which translates, as “heavy duty”; I haven’t broken one yet! 
  • The bases are colour coded to match the respective lids. This means that any one of the purple bases matches any purple lid, any red base, matches any red lid and so fourth. For those of you who are like me and spend a fair amount of time sifting through the container draw to find the correct lid, this just solved that problem… just grab and go. One lid fits multiple bases – genius.
  • They are dishwasher safe. To test this theory, I have put them through the dishwasher cycle at least 15 times and they are still as good as new.
  • They are fully recyclable when the time comes to dispose of them. 
  • They are pretty! Whilst I realise this isn’t strictly necessary, it’s something that caught my eye. I love the colour system, not only because it’s functional, but also because it looks good.
  • They are “leak-proof” and when I say this, I really mean it:
    • I have used these containers to transport soup in my handbag – absolutely no problem at all.
    • I popped a chia pudding in my bag before leaving the house one morning. Throughout the day (and rushing from meeting to meeting) I completely forgot it was still in there until the end of the day (yes, I need a smaller handbag). Upon returning home, I braced myself for the damage – absolutely NO problem. This is when these containers became my new best friends.


  • Given the containers are made of glass, they are heavier than plastic containers however, once you transfer them from your handbag/lunch bag to the fridge, problem is solved.Again, because they are glass, they do clink and clack in your bag, but I overcame this pretty quickly by separating them with my wallet (technical I know!)
  • The largest glass containers aren’t large enough to store your leafy greens from the farmer’s market (Rocket, Dandelion, French sorrel etc.) for maximum freshness. The team at Decor have told me they have taken this on board and will hopefully have a solution in the not too distant future. Hooray! 

All in all, I love this range and to prove it, I’ve even gone out of my way to purchase some additional pieces to complete my collection.

So there you have it. Now there really is no excuse not to take your nutritious lunch to the office each day 🙂 Not only will you save on costly lunch expenses, it will also be free from plastics and the nasty chemicals involved. 

If you’re looking to purchase some of these pieces, the glass range is available from Woolworths, Big W, Harris Scarf and other selected retailers. They retail from approximately $7-$15. 

Decor-Match-ups-Glass (1)


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