Holistic Pregnancy, Birth & Babies: A Reading Guide

Holistic Pregnancy

I recently received yet another email from a gorgeous reader who asked me for more information regarding pregnancy, birth and early childhood nutrition (congratulations again!). Whilst I in no way claim to be an expert in this field, I do however know of a number of experts who are willing to share their information and as such, I’ve put together a little list of books, podcasts and articles that may help the parents and parents to be.

Now, before I delve into this post I want you to know that I am yet to have a baby, so this information is being brought to you by recommendations of like-minded friends, mid-wives, integrative practitioners, health coaches and nurses who have had or are about to have children of their own.

  • Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: A podcast that discusses the ins and outs of nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Download Podcast.  
  • The Science of Mom A Research: Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year – Alice Green Callahan: In this friendly guide through the science of infancy, Science of Mom blogger and PhD scientist Alice Callahan explains how non-scientist mothers can learn the difference between hype and evidence. Purchase from Book Depository.  
  • Chris Kresser – Natural Childbirth: A series of articles written by Dr Chris Kresser exploring natural childbirth (or home birth) as an alternative to hospital childbirth. Read Articles Here.
  • Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering – Sarah Buckley: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices. An authoritative guide to natural childbirth and postpartum parenting options from an MD who home-birthed her own four children. Purchase from Book Depository.
  • Birth with Confidence – Rhea Dempsey: In Birth with Confidence, one of Australia’s foremost thinkers on the subject of childbirth, explains why normal birth is almost impossible in our current birth culture-and what women can do to beat the odds. In this accessible, straightforward book, Rhea Dempsey draws on over thirty years’ experience to show how a woman’s choice of caregivers, support team and birthplace, as well as her life experience and personal attitudes to pain, will affect her birth outcomes. Featuring real-life stories, the latest Australian statistics and opportunities for guided personal reflection, Birth with Confidence provides the knowledge and practical advice that women need for the best chance of normal birth in today’s birth culture. Praise for Birth with Confidence ‘If you are pregnant or considering getting pregnant, this book is a must read’. Purchase from Amazon.
  • Well Adjusted Babies – Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani
    Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Babies & Beyond – 
    Known as “the new parenting bible”, this Australian Best-Seller offers the most unique collation of cutting-edge information and knowledge on holistic parenting – all in the one book! Discover Dr Jennifer’s well-researched, easy-to-read information about… Improving Fertility Self-Care During Pregnancy Meeting Your Physical/Emotional Needs Techniques to Ease the Pain of Labour How to Have a Safe, Natural Birth Breastfeeding, Formulas and Colic First Foods for Babies Tips for partners and birth teams Minimising Harmful Toxins Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Drugs The Benefits of Holistic Health Practitioners How to Guide Your Child’s Development Wholesome dietary habits for the Family And MUCH More… Purchase from Well Adjusted. 
  • The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care – Sally Fallon: The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care makes the principles of traditional nutrition available to modern parents. The book provides holistic advice for pregnancy and newborn interventions, vaccinations, breastfeeding and child development, as well as a compendium of natural treatments for childhood illnesses, from autism to whooping cough.  Purchase from Amazon OR Book Depository
  • Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding – Ina May Gaskin: Drawing on her decades of experience in caring for pregnant women, mothers, and babies, Ina May Gaskin explores the health and psychological benefits of breastfeeding and gives you invaluable practical advice that will help you nurse your baby in the most fulfilling way possible. Inside you’ll find answers to virtually every question you have on breastfeeding, including topics such as the benefits of breastfeeding, nursing challenges, sleeping arrangements, nursing and work, weaning, sick babies, nipple-phobia, and much more.  Purchase from Book Depository.
  • Which Foods When – Getting the Basics Right (E-book): An infant’s digestive system is very porous and enzymes are neither plentiful nor efficient. A child’s future digestive capacity can be weakened by early exposure to poor food choices and common dietary allergens. The Which Foods When? booklet includes a handy wall-chart showing which foods to add to an infants diet to ensure your child is getting the nutrients he/she needs, and when to add them. Purchase from Well Adjusted. 
  • Super Nutrition For Babies – Katherine Ehrlich; The Right Way to Feed Your Baby for Ultimate Health: Super Nutrition for Babies gives parents the latest science-verified nutritional recommendations for feeding their child. Based on the work of The Weston A Price foundation, one of the largest holistic practices in the world, this book provides information on all aspects of nutrition and feeding, including introducing meat in a child’s diet, healthier alternatives to dairy and soy, starting solid foods, establishing a regular eating schedule, dealing with picky eating, and the best foods for every age and stage so your baby gets the best nutrition to minimise illness and optimise sleep, digestion, behaviour, and brain development. Purchase from Book Depository. 
  • Wholefood For Children – Jude Blereau: The underlying philosophy behind ‘Wholefood for Children’ is the importance of feeding young, growing children whole and real food, preferably organic. Not only does a child require fuel to play, they also require it to build every part of their body and future pathways for learning. ‘Wholefood for Children’ is written and presented in two parts: a very insightful and informative introduction and a recipe section. The recipes cater for children from the age of 6 months up to 7 years, starting with introducing solid foods to babies. The recipes range from breakfasts through to lunch and dinners, as well as ultra-convenient portable snacks for lunch boxes. Purchase from Book Depository. 

Do you have any recommendations you would like to add? Please add them to the comments below! 


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