Is Teflon Safe? What you need to know

Is Teflon Healthy?

Is Teflon Safe? When we transition to a healthier lifestyle, we need to become aware of not only what we are eating, but the way we cook and prepare our meals.  If you use Teflon in your house, you need to read this. 

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and don’t get me wrong; I love nothing more than a non-stick fry pan. With no mess, no fuss, and minimal cleaning time what’s not to love?  But we need to be aware of is that Teflon and other non-stick coatings can pose a threat to our health.

According to a investigation by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), within 2-5 minutes on a conventional stovetop, cookware coated with Teflon and other non-stick surfaces can exceed temperatures at which the coating breaks apart and emits toxic particles and gases linked to a number of unknown human illnesses each year.

“At 360°C Teflon pans release at least six toxic gases, including two carcinogens, two global pollutants, and MFA, a chemical lethal to humans at low doses”.

Think you don’t cook at these temperatures?

“These new tests show that cookware exceeds these temperatures and turns toxic through the common act of preheating a pan, on a burner set on high”.

The EWG also linked this study to hundreds of pet bird deaths each year. The toxic fumes released by heated Teflon cooking appliances brings about a condition known as “Teflon toxicosis” where the lungs of exposed birds hemorrhage and fill with fluid leading to suffocation. These fumes have also been linked to “polymer fume fever” in humans. Where we experience symptoms of headaches, chills, backache, and fever. It is still unknown what the long-term effects of this exposure might be.

If this was not bad enough, Dr. Mercola published findings that suggested that PFOA (a carcinogenic chemical used in non-stick cookware) increased the odds of infertility anywhere between 60 to 154 percent. There has also been some very concerning research regarding PFOA and thyroid function.

What should we be cooking with?

•    Teflon
•    Aluminum
•    Copper?

•    Cast iron
•    Stainless steel
•    Glass
•    Pyrex

It’s important to note that no Teflon product has been recalled in the US, Australia or anywhere else. As far as the regulating bodies are concerned, they’re “safe” – as long as you don’t let them overheat. But given that we purchase these products to cook with/heat, and that PCOA (a chemical used in the production process of Teflon) is a known carcinogen, it is enough to have me reaching for the cast iron cookware without hesitation.

Do you cook with Teflon? What are you thoughts?

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