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A quick note: If you missed my article regarding the NEED for organic sanitary items, you can find this here. If you’ve come from there… you can find all the information you need re: products I use (and highly recommend) below.

In 2005, Aimee Marks, founder of TOM Organic, was given a school assignment to design packaging for a product that hadn’t changed in 10 years, she chose tampons. As she was copying the list of ingredients into her prototype, she became concerned. What was viscose rayon and polypropylene? More importantly, what was it doing to our bodies?

It was then she realized the necessity for organic, chemical-free feminine hygiene products that genuinely care about women’s health. It was then, that TOM Organic (TOM stands for Time Of the Month) was born.

TOM Organic produces a range of feminine hygiene products, made from the finest organic cotton – free from perfumes, chemicals, pesticides, bleach and genetically modified ingredients.

Since establishing TOM Organic, Aimee has been receiving a whole host of positive feedback from happy customers. Whilst she claims she is no scientist, Aimee mentions she has heard from a number of women have experienced reduced pain and symptoms associated with PMS,  endometriosis and other female health issues, whilst other customers have reported much shorter and lighter periods. Aimee has also received emails from many other happy customers notifying her that they no longer experience allergic reactions to polypropylene casing of their non-organic competitors.

Jacqueline Evans (Naturopath) has suggested that reasons behind the positive feedback TOM organic as mentioned above, may be a result of the organic cotton used in TOM products. Jacqui explains that heavy and painful periods are a result of high levels of oestrogen in the body. Pesticides and certain chemicals have been shown to mimic oestrogen in a number of studies, so by choosing organic cotton, like TOM, you are possibly reducing your oestrogen load and thereby balancing your hormones levels that may result in lighter, pain free periods. (18,19,20)

If that wasn’t enough to convert you across to Organic feminine hygiene products, I don’t know what is!

TOM Organic is available from all good health food stores as well as Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets. You can also order TOM organic products online from

For all of those wondering, this is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely love these products and believe every woman must have access to these items.


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