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Jemma Gawned Naked Treaties

It’s no secret that Naked Treaties is on my list of favourite spots to visit in Byron Bay (update 2021 – Naked Treaties has since closed). For those of you who haven’t had the chance to visit, not only do they boast the longest list of delicious organic smoothies and the most nutritious and delicious raw food menu, they also create the most incredible range of hand-made raw desserts which are now available at over 200+ outlets Australia wide. Sounds incredible right? It is! But what many of us aren’t aware of, is that the founder of this inspiring company is the beautiful Jemma Gawned (AKA the 2001 Big Brother contestant and “lip gloss queen”, whom started this business on the back of the collapse of her natural cosmetics brand Jemma Cosmetics with a mere $600 in the bank. As you can imagine, Jemma has had an incredible journey to date and today, she’s here to discuss all things (soul fuelled) business, raw desserts, health and wellbeing.

Jemma, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. Tell, me what inspired Naked Treaties? How did it all begin? 

I have always enjoyed making healthy raw treats for my friends and family and when my local organic juice bar tried some of my sweets they asked if I could possibly make them for them to sell in the store.

We actually joke and call it the ‘accidental business’ though of course there are NO accidents!!! As soon as I began, one stockist quickly turned into two, then to three and four and so on! Now we have around 200 stockists nationally and it is continuing to expand day by day!

What sets your business apart from the rest? 

We still create every single ‘treaty’ lovingly by hand in a kitchen full of joyful, conscious, radiant angels! And we continue to make the treaties the same for 1,000 people as if we were making for one. All by hand and all with extreme love whilst having a whole lot of fun!!!

Naked Treaties uses organic produce, why is this important to you?

Organic food has more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than conventional food and no harmful chemicals, pesticides or toxins. It is so important to us at Naked Treaties to be offering people the best nutrition possible, so for us, organic is the only way.

Why Raw?

Raw food is naturally stimulating, hydrating, alkalising and full of essential vitamins and minerals. Food in its natural state is at its highest quality. Not to mention, raw food tastes amazing! Whether it is a fresh mango straight off the tree or a gourmet raw meal, there is nothing better than raw living food – just the way nature intended!

Why is Byron home for Naked Treaties?

Byron really nurtures, supports and encourages local business and community with things like local farmers markets and community events. The conscious businesses here seem to work in a beautiful united web where we recognise that we are not in competition; rather we are co operating and co creating on the same road to inspire people to a better way of living. Health inspires health and consciousness sparks consciousness, so the more amazing places and spaces for connection and learning the better.

With running the store in Byron Bay and distributing your products throughout the east coast of Australia, how do you manage to achieve a work-life balance? 

The most important and nourishing practice for me is to begin each day with the rising sun in meditation and contemplation. It helps me to re establish my deep feeling of connection to our Mother Earth and how she nourishes and supports me. I also practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga, go for a walk or run on the beach, to the lighthouse or through the hills of the Byron Hinterland. I find it so helpful to move my body is some way that feels good each day.

The world is moving so quickly at the moment, it’s very easy to be thrown off balance, especially when you’re ‘busy’ and also sensitive the way I am. Things are rapidly changing and for me the best way to flow with both the challenges and the joys of life is to cultivate self-love. That could mean saying no to certain things and not taking too much on and then filling yourself up with the things you love.

And of course, nourishing your body with nutritious food! What’s on your list of healthy must haves?

I would have to say dark leafy greens; they’re just such a powerhouse of nutrition! I always tell people that incorporating more leafy greens into your daily diet has really noticeable and fast improvements on your health, weight and mental capacity.

It’s also no secret that I am a lover of cacao! This is one super food that always brings out my inner super heroine! The spirit of the cacao is exceptionally powerful and can induce real bouts of euphoria and clarity. Nutritionally, cacao is the richest source of magnesium in the right ratio with calcium on the planet, and is also very high in antioxidants and amino acids that encourage the production of the happy hormone – serotonin too.

What’s on the horizon for Naked Treaties? 

SOOO much goodness… Naked Treaties has already become so much more than I had imagined it would ever become, and it just continues to keep organically growing and expanding and reaching out to touch and inspire people.

I’m so excited for you and for Naked Treaties. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Jemma. On behalf of all of us that enjoy Naked Treaties, thank you for nourishing our bodies and filling our lives with so much organic love 🙂 

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