Toxic Free Make-up: The Best Natural Foundations

Having modelled for many years, I am the first to admit I have worn my fair share of foundation. From your stock-standard supermarket brands to the exclusive Armani and everything in between. It’s fair to say that I have been well and truly caked in it. It was part of the gig and whilst I loved my job, I never really truly understood the impact it was having on my health. 

When it comes to applying liquid foundation and living an organic lifestyle, the two really don’t go hand in hand. If you’ve ever taken the opportunity to skim over the classic ingredients, you’ll know what I mean… a chemical $#@t storm to say the least. The toxic effects of these chemicals range from reproductive and endocrine disrupters to common allergens, immunotoxicity and of course, the big ‘C’, AKA cancer. As you can imagine, when I first discovered this alarming information, foundation was the first thing to be tossed out of my make-up bag and into the bin. I started trawling the internet and health food stores in search of a new natural foundation product. 

When it comes to organic beauty products, I am the first to admit that some can be a little blah on performance; so, before I set out to share my organic (and cruelty free) natural foundation finds with you all, I called upon the help of some experts: my organic living (and loving) friends. After tallying the results, I have the top 4 liquid foundations ready to kick-start your make-up bag overhaul. 


To ensure all the products that I was recommending were considered ‘safe’ for use on our skin, I enlisted the help of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website, Skin Deep. Skin Deep is a fantastic website that contains information and online safety assessments for over 69,000 products and their ingredients. 

To help differentiate the products, Skin Deep uses the rating system below. 


PLEASE NOTEAll products have been assessed on the ingredients listed on the company website, these may be subject to change. All products returned an average of ‘limited’ data availability – this can be skewed if one or two ingredients aren’t well researched. I have provided the links to each study below for you to investigate further if need be. 



Do you use any of the above foundations? What are you thoughts? I would love to hear your feedback below. 



  1. Bridget Rosenbrock on Facebook

    Yes agreed I do not wear make up!!! Nice to be natural!! Thanks for posting this I think a lot of ladies out there have not thought clearly about, or have little information about, what make-up they put on their beautiful faces (ingredients, environmental concerns ect.). I am not anti-make up and I do not have a problem with ladies wearing it. I just choose not to use it.

  2. Rebekah Murphy on Facebook

    I think you read my mind, I was thinking about all this just this morning! Gosh, I love your posts! x

  3. Ania

    I have been using RMS un-cover up for the last 2 years and I LOVE it! Feels beautiful on the skin, NEVER cakes and blends perfectly into your skin. Gives you quite a dewy look, which I love! Ca’nt rave about it enough 😀

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