What is ‘Float Tank’ Therapy?


There’s a new kid on the block in the world of health and wellbeing called ‘Float Tank Therapy’ and today, I take a closer look at the health claims.


Essentially it’s a 60-minute sensory deprivation experience (no light, no sound, no phones!!) in a very large, futuristic looking pod (think giant white jellybean), filled with water and 500-600kg of epsom salts (extremely mineral rich salty water). Because the water is so mineral dense, you effortlessly float on top of the water whilst you’re body absorbs all the nutrients it needs transdermally (aka via the skin). Sounds interesting?!


Once you’re shown into your private room (with a float tank and shower), you strip down to your bathers, have a quick shower, pop in some ear plugs (supplied by the company) and jump into the pod. It’s completely up to you as to whether you shut off the lights or completely close the lid. Here you effortlessly float for 60 minutes.


Discussing the benefits of Epsom Salt therapy has been one of the most difficult pieces I’ve had to write. There are a number of articles on the web that discuss the endless benefits of taking an Epsom Salt bath, but there isn’t a whole lot of science that proves these claims. Whilst I’m not convinced a research paper is the be all and end all, it helps silence the critics; so, in a bid to avoid ‘junk journalism’ (you know the kind where people copy and paste from other blogs), I’ve sifted through the endless claims and discussed a few of the most likely cases below.

  • The 500kg+ of Epsom Salts used in the float tanks contain a high level of magnesium sulfate, which is great for sleep, relaxation, muscle and joint pain and headache relief. Whilst there little science proving the success of transdermal magnesium supplementation, if you’ve ever had an epsom salts bath, you’ll know they’re onto something. In addition, the endless client testimonials surrounding improved sleep, improved muscle and joint pain and more, will help bulk up these claims with a little merit.
  • Because there are no stimulus, no lights, no sounds, no phones and no emails. It’s essentially 60 minutes of forced relaxation; something we could all do with more of.


With all the talk and having personally experienced the effects of Epsom Salt baths at home, I decided to give this a go. You can read all about my own personal ‘float tank’ experience here. 


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