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As many of you know, Andrew and I recently returned from our Canada and US adventure. As we travelled around I posted a number of photos on Instagram (find me at @anappleaday_nutrition), explaining where I was and what I was up to (for those of you that follow me, you will know I posted some of my healthy foodie finds also!). As I continued to do this, many Instagram followers were asking for more information. It was then that I realised that Andrew and I were amongst a very large group of Australians travelling to these parts of the world and I quickly promised everyone that I would create a blog post (or 3), to fill them in on our hidden gems! Here we go!

To kick things off I thought Whistler, or “Little Australia” as the Canadians call it, was a great place to start. Feel free to add any other finds we missed along the way, sharing is caring after all!


We stayed at Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler and I can quite honestly say this was easily the best place we stayed all trip – I would happily recommend it in a heartbeat. Rooms were gorgeous and incredibly spacious, staff were very knowledgeable and friendly and the food onsite was delicious.

Nita Lake Lodge is a short drive from the main village but the hotel operates a free shuttle bus in and out of town from the tourist information centre. It was perfect.



Staying at Nita Lake Lodge made eating at their onsite restaurant incredibly tempting each morning.

Aura (the main restaurant onsite) does an incredible breakfast that strives to source all of its produce locally and organically.

IMG_6691Andrew’s favorite was the Gluten Free Green Pancakes: greens and kale infused pancakes topped with berry sauce, acai powder, strawberry agave syrup, toasted almonds & golden berries.

My favourite was the ‘Spiced Tomato and Sausage Ragout’: Lamb sausage cooked in a hearty stew of potatoes, tomato, spinach, chickpeas & coriander, topped with two soft free-range poached eggs. I had it without the lamb and it was delicious.

They have almond milk on hand for anyone interested in a hot drink without the dairy or soy.

Fix Café also located on the grounds of Nita Lake Lodge was a great spot for a small meal or snack. Each day they had a new variety of soups and salads available for purchase. They also did freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Again, they also had almond milk on hand for anyone interested. Although we don’t eat many grains at all, they also had a number of freshly made gluten-free bakery items available. Be quick – they sell out fast!

Both Aura and the Fix Café at Nita Lake Lodge is open to the public. If you aren’t a guest, feel free to pop into Fix or make a reservation at Aura whilst in Whistler.


We eventually forced ourselves to step away from the food at Nita Lake Lodge and found this little gem online. Elements Urban Tapas is fast becoming a very popular breakfast spot in the Whistler village.

The “healthy hash” (hash is simply a mix of meat or veg cooked with onions in a fry pan) was easily our favourite and included a delicious mix of local vegetables like kale, pumpkin, capsicum, herbs and tomatoes, served with two organic free-range eggs. It was DELCIOUS! My only advice is to ask them to serve the spicy sauce on the side – as you can see it isn’t that healthy looking and there is a lot of it!


The only place for coffee in Whistler. They also have a range of cakes and bakery items to tempt you.


We don’t eat a lot of sushi given it contains rice, but when in Canada I just couldn’t help having a little wild caught salmon here and there. The sushi at the tourist information center was the best we found. Fresh and delicious BUT they didn’t have a brown rice option. Word on the street is that Samurai Sushi does a brown rice but you will need to sift through the menu for some healthier options.


Unfortunately we missed out on dining with at Creekbread so if anyone has been, be sure to let me know. This is a family/casual restaurant and can get busy early – best to book ahead.

All menu items are prepared with organic ingredients, free-range chicken and nitrate free meats. They specialize in wood-fired pizza’s (with in-house gluten free options available) and salads.

UPDATE: Laura has kindly left some comments regarding Creekbread at the bottom of this post. Whilst she wasn’t wrapped with the quality of the pizza, she said the staff were very helpful. Check out her posts in the comments section for more information.


This restaurant is a must do for dinner. By far some of the best seafood I have had in a long time! I didn’t even get my camera out to take a photo, it was too good to interrupt!

Our waiter and his passion and knowledge of the menu blew us away. We explained we wanted only wild-caught fish and he mentioned there was only one variety on the menu that was farmed. He also mentioned that all vegetables are sourced locally and they make an effort to use as much organic produce as possible.

We got a low-season special but if you are travelling in peak season, it seems to be on the expensive side – but TOTALLY worth it. Please make sure you book well in advance for this place to avoid missing out.


IMG_6671This is a great way to meet the locals and tap their local knowledge on where to eat and things to do whilst grabbing some delicious breakfast!

At the Whistler’s Farmer’s Market Andrew enjoyed a delicious Japanese Pancake (Okonomiyaki) prepared right in front of him. He also picked up an aeropressed coffee from a local stall holder (coffee lovers will know what I mean by aeropres. We also were fortunate enough to sample some delicious organic chocolate zucchini bread (recipe included in the upcoming cookbook!). We also grabbed some organic supplies to snack on throughout the rest of our stay.

The Whistler Farmer’s markets are now closed until Jan 2014.
For opening dates and times check out their website:


For any other organic supplies or snacks, I went to the local supermarket. They stock a considerable range of organic fresh produce, organic dark chocolate and organic herbal teas to take back to the hotel room or pop into your day pack whilst you are out on your Whistler adventure!



One of the most amazing spa experiences I have ever had. If you want to wind down, this is the place to do it.

Hot Spas, Steam Rooms, the most BEAUTIFUL sauna and of course a cold plunge pool to assist in muscle recovery and circulation, all located in the serenity of the mountains. If you want a relaxing afternoon this is a great place to start. If you want to splurge a litre, the massage was amazing and I highly recommend it.


Aside from the main attractions to Whistler (Skiing in Winter and Hiking in Summer), there is SO much to see and do.

If you want to keep active whilst on your holiday, I can’t recommend Nita Lake Lodge enough. They have a public gym onsite as well as a yoga center. In the summer they also have canoes and kayaks for hire to paddle around the lake.

IMG_6711Whistler has some of the best bike trails that take you right into and around town. There is another reason we loved Nita Lake Lodge so much – they gave us free bikes!

The Quad Biking tour in Whistler was one of the most entertaining and exhilarating things we have done! Hold on tight! Zip lining was great fun also.

For more information on things to do, be sure to check out


  1. Janine

    Sally Erin!

  2. Jude

    I’ve never heard of “Little Australia” before. Where/what is that?

  3. Jen

    Alyse you have taken me back to my travel days had to write reports up like that after every trip plus some so know the work involved so well done i love the write up, so fill us in how do you keep up with all of this posting and Uni (esp exam time) clients and a relationship.. Your pot plants must be dead lol #superwoman #takemyhatofftoyou.

  4. Clare

    Yay! I can’t wait to read over this over my morning green tea when I get to work 🙂 Adapting some of your principles when we head to Melbourne on the weekend for a vacay x

  5. Alyse

    Clare, that is great news! Let me know how you go! X

  6. Alyse

    Haha Jen! I haven’t been home to check on my pot plants yet so I hope my neighbour is keeping an eye on them! I guess it comes down to three things:
    1. I have learnt to manage my time extremely well (it took some practice but I have am getting there!)
    2. I have a really healthy diet and active lifestyle
    3. I always ensure I schedule in some time for me whether it is trying new things or relaxing in the sunshine. One of my incredible mentors taught me this and I am forever grateful – you need time to sharpen the axe!

  7. Alyse

    Hi Jude,

    The Canadians call Whistler “Little Australia” because it is full of Australians 🙂

  8. Laura

    Alyse, you really hit the nail on the head! I returned a few months ago from a season in whistler and you mentioned all of my fav restaurants! I’m so glad someone came across Mt Currie coffee, it had just opened when I was there and I immediately knew it would be a hit. The coffee is amazing-better than many Australian cafes! And Rim Rock…to die for! My favorite by far. I did happen to check out creekbread (being a massive organic foodie I was really excited to try it out). I don’t know if it was because my expectations were so high but it didn’t leave a lasting memory for me. We ordered a fair few pizzas and all were incredibly oily. The flavor was ok but staff were super friendly which made up for it.
    Your insight is amazing!

  9. Alyse

    Laura thank you so much for your comments! I love knowing we are on the same page here.

    I had my suspicions about Creekbread after looking at the google images for the restaurant – I will make a note in the post!

    How amazing was Rim Rock? We still talk about it back here in Oz!

    I was surprised at how easy it was to eat healthy in Whistler. I’m glad you found these healthy venues without any trouble! xxx

  10. Brodie

    Currently in Whistler and loving it. Another to add. Found a great place the ‘Naked Sprout’ whilst in search of a fresh juice fix. Highly recommend this organic juice and salad bar.

  11. Alyse

    Thanks Brodie! I’ll add it to the post 🙂 Enjoy your time away! So jelly xxx


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