How Chiropractic care changed my life… Part 3


After receiving my less than ideal test results, I braced myself for my first adjustment. I had spoken with my Chiropractor about how nervous I was and he walked me through everything step by step. After a deep breath, I did everything I could to relax as he counted to 3. And just like that, my first adjustment was done. No pain, no sounds of bones crunching (phew!) and no hassle. It was that easy. After 2 more adjustments, I was free to leave. My appointment lasted no longer than 10 minutes. What had I been so worried about all this time?

Now my Chiropractor used a method of adjustment that makes use of a specifically designed chiropractic bed (see image). Using this tool, sections of the bed drop ½ an inch under the chiropractors pressure. This movement facilitates a quick and easy adjustment. Recently, I was introduced to a different method using  the “stick that goes click”, (oddly enough so many people will know what I am referring to) and again, no pain, no cracking sounds, no fuss and no hassle. According to “The Wellness Guys” there are over 360 ways to make an adjustment and these clever Chiropractors know them all. If at all you ever feel uncomfortable with your Chiropractor’s preferred method, all you have to do is ask.

Given my test results, I began treatment 3 times per week. As time progresses, the idea is that your body begins to take on the adjustments and restore balance. When this happens, your adjustments become less and less frequent. I have since dropped to twice a week and after my appointment today, I am now a once a week patient! HOORAY!


I can report that my idea of what I considered “normal” has changed dramatically. I cannot tell you the difference this type of care has made to not only my life, but also my family’s lives (yes, after hearing my results, they have all made radical change with chiropractic care). I am now able to run long distances without any pain or inflammation in that once difficult left knee; I can finally fall into those yoga postures that always seemed impossible to me. I am becoming stronger and my posture has improved ten-fold. My digestion has improved and after years of neglect, my adrenals are also repairing beautifully. Others have experienced improved sleep, elimination of persistent headaches, improved concentration and improved balance, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless.

With regards to my measurable results, my skull has started to re-align with the centreline of my body and now only places (by law of physics) 26kg of weight on my spine as opposed to the 35kg we discussed originally (I still have a way to go, but progress is progress!). I passed the knee-jerk reflex test with flying colours and after closing my eyes and marching on the spot (see part 2), I ended up exactly where I started. High fives all round.

Now that I have had a number of adjustments, I wanted to let you in on a little secret. I actually enjoy having my neck cracked!! The sound the adjustment is almost satisfying! I know! Who would have thought?

If you have any questions regarding Chiropractic care, Dr David Cahill, a Melbourne based Chiropractor and member of AAAD’s Wellness Network has answered our reader’s questions here

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  1. vlimbrick

    I strongly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is looking for this type of treatment. Chiropractic care has changed my life not only managing on-going back and hip problems but improving my overall health and well being.


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