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Get Bendy Posters - Alyse Cocliff


There are so many health benefits associated with yoga (all of which you can read about here) however, many of us struggle to find the time and/or motivation to make it to a yoga class. Never fear, part two of my “Time Saving Series” is here. This week I’d love to introduce you to ‘Get Bendy Posters’ (if you’ve not already met!).

Get Bendy was created by Eliza Landgren. Eliza was a young law student suffering from chronic low back pain due to developing scoliosis in her early teens. After years of putting up with muscle spasms, sciatica, low back pain, anxiety and stress, she started stretching daily. She noticed her both her anxiety and physical symptoms improved dramatically. After sharing her story on social media, Eliza realized she wasn’t alone. Eliza then created Get Bendy poster and e-Guides to help others that could be experiencing a similar thing.


It’s easy, affordable and accessible for everyone. It’s a stretching sequence that targets the areas of the body that we hold tension/stress i.e. neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, glutes and hamstrings. PLUS, it’s available as a poster for your wall (my fave) or e-Guide (for on the road) to suit anyone’s busy lifestyle and travelling schedules. The length of time taken to complete the sequence is completely up to you. You can spend anywhere between 20mins to an hour moving through the poses but realistically any-time you spend will be beneficial (ah-ha you do you have time!).

I’ve personally watched Elle’s posters and e-guides transform so many people’s lives (young and old). Not only is it inexpensive, it encourages us to do those all important stretches we never have time for.


The Get Bendy Posters are $49.95 (that’s 2.5 yoga classes that you and your household have  for life!). Click ‘more options’ to purchase just the poster itself OR purchase poster and e-guide bundle for $79.95 to take with you whilst travelling!


Elle has kindly offered all ‘An Apple a Day’ readers 20% off posters and e-guides before Christmas. Just enter the code IHAVETIME at the checkout. Click here to get started. You literally have no more excuses 🙂


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I’m a qualified Nutritionist who believes an evidence-based approach to modern nutrition is severely under-rated. Patients are so often left in the dark when it comes to health-care and as a firm believer in the old saying “knowledge is power”, my ultimate goal is to provide my readers, students and patients with clear and actionable advice that ultimately helps you reach your full potential.