Barefoot Running: A Physiotherapist’s Perspective

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Before I delved into my Barefoot journey, I consulted a number of holistic health practitioners, athletes and trainers. These people understood far more than I did about our structure, biomechanics, training load and well, the human foot, so their professional opinion was something I wanted to consider. Fast forward to the present day, and the list of those I have consulted is huge (many of which agreed or were a little critical, but to this day, are amazed by my progress). To help you understand more about Barefoot Running and whether or not it’s something you would like to consider, I’ve hand picked 3 professionals to share their views on the Barefoot experience. Today, we hear from Indianna Franke, a Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor from The Living Well Studio in Burleigh, Queensland.

Pilates 101

After running us through the all important tools on how to switch on our pelvic floor muscle, physiotherapist Liz Oppy is back with Pilates 101. Today Liz explains why it is important to understand the basics of Pilates in order to get maximum results. She also runs through the various tools of Pilates instructors as well as provides you with a personal Pilates DVD recommendation for you to use in your own home. For long and lean muscles, look no further. Pilates has it covered.

Activating your pelvic floor muscle

pelvic floor muscle

We all know we should activate our pelvic floor muscle, but do you really know how or why this is so important? Today’s “Wellness Network” post by physiotherapist Liz Oppy, explains everything you need to know about pelvic floor, including how to activate this important muscle wherever you may be.